Suggestions on How To Prearrange A Funeral

Nowadays, more and more people are getting involved in pre-planning their own, or rather prearranging funerals. Not only can prearranging your own funeral relieve some financial and logistical stress off your relatives and family members after you are gone, but it also ensures you get the exact kind of funeral you want. That said, you, however, don’t need to feel pressured into making such kind of arrangements. It is important that you absorb it at your own pace and make a personal decision.

The First and Most Important Decision

Now, this is actually the most important decision when looking to make pre-funeral arrangements. Decide whether you are going to be cremated or buried. You need to make this decision and then let your loved ones and family know of your decision. You can also put this in a letter or will to the family. It is very important that you let someone know what you decide on to protect your family from any other emotional torture in an already emotional moment. Even if you do not care about them, it is still key that you inform them.

Find the relevant funeral director

Decide on the exact funeral home that you like and trust to handle all your businesses properly and then engage their services. Work hand in hand with their funeral director to plan your cremation or burial and memorial or funeral service. The funeral director will also ensure that you get all the necessities for the cremation, burial, memorial or funeral service.

If you are planning to have a burial, it is typical that you work with a director from the funeral home. They are guaranteed to guide you with every single detail that is required for a stress-free funeral process.  If your finances are tight they can also guide you on how to organise a cheap funeral that is within your budget.

Cemetery Plans and Arrangements

You can either choose to work with a funeral home in deciding on the cemetery or you can approach one directly and then have the coordinator assist you with all the requirements. Some tips to guide you when looking for a cemetery include the following:

Pick a cemetery: This should be based on its location, environment, and religion.

Pay a visit to the cemetery: Visit the location and take a tour around. You can ask to be shown around or do it all by yourself and decide if it is going to work for you.

Decide on the type and kind of service you want.

Graveside services, funeral, and memorial services are the most popular and common type of services available. However, remember that you could also decide to have the funeral service done in your home.

You may also need other events such as viewing and visitations. These are usually held before the service. Other events such as wakes, receptions and gatherings, on the other hand, are typically held after the service.

A few other things that should also be considered include the following:

Deciding on the service location.

Choosing your pallbearers.

Choose and decide on all other minor details including the songs and readings you’d like to be played and performed during the service.


Basically, this should be enough to guide you on the same. Other important details include having a guest list and officiants. You should aim to personalise your service and ceremony to the fullest.