Email Archiving Solutions Provider

Once you’ve decided to move company email archiving to cloud solutions, the next step is to look for a provider that can cater to all the needs of your organization. But not every email archiving company offers the same service. There are some with more affordable offers, while others pride themselves on a wide range of features.

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Why is email archiving essential?

The first step in choosing a cloud service provider for email archiving is to understand the importance of email archiving practices. Every company relies on emails as a primary method of communication. Both internal and external correspondence goes through email channels. As such, retaining emails for documentation purposes will cause a build-up of data that most companies don’t have the resources to store. Storing emails is vital because:

  • Companies need to comply with specific regulations requiring the archive of all correspondence sent in and out of the company.
  • The company may be subject to litigation or legal hold which will often need a communication trace as evidence.

In most cases, some companies only start looking for cloud archiving services when in-house servers start reaching full capacity. Since all companies these days already use specific office software like Azure services, shifting to the cloud is not as complicated as one would initially anticipate.

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In looking for an email archiving service, every company should watch out for the following features:

Software compatibility

The ideal scenario is that the same company hosting your email should also provide you with email archiving solutions. If this is not the case, you need to consider a provider that is compatible with your email service.

Compatibility with absorbing old emails

The main reason why you want email archiving is to host emails that existed before the adoption of the solution. If the provider does not have this capability, you will risk losing some pertinent communication vital to your company.

Efficient archiving service

The system’s efficiency depends on what type of archiving solution your company needs. For example, do you require having all attachments filed as well? Do you need to archive communication coming from outside the company’s network or only need archiving for emails originating within the organization?

Government regulation compliance

There are specific government mandates that require companies to comply with particular email archiving regulations. If you switch to any email archiving solutions, make sure that the provider understands the importance of complying with these government mandates.

Quick recovery and easy search functions

The email archiving solutions should allow you to search files and retrieve them quickly. Realistically, every company has to store a massive amount of email correspondence, and if the email archiving solutions do not employ a method that facilitates efficient search and retrieval, the process will be time-consuming. It is detrimental when you are faced with litigation proceedings, and you encounter difficulty finding the information you need because the email archiving solution your company employs has inefficient methods.

Fast upload speed

It is also equally important that the email archiving solutions employed by your company get implemented quickly and process data upload fast. Migrating to the cloud should be an orderly and straightforward procedure if you hire an email archiving solution with the best features.