Affordable Car Insurance for Maruti Cars

Most of the Indian population is not successful in getting good car insurance for their Maruti cars. They end up splurging a lot on Maruti car insurance online and miss their shot at an opportunity of getting a great deal on online insurance for their Maruti cars. As there is already a rise in car insurance prices, you should do a thorough analysis of the deals that are offered for Maruti Suzuki car insurance and whether they are advantageous or not.

One thing that you need to know is that if you have an active Maruti car insurance, you will be provided with a compensation for damages or even the total market price of your Maruti car at that time, in case it is involved in an accident that has wrecked it. So, it’s important to note that you need to have a good Maruti Suzuki car insurance plan, but you should not be compromising on the qualitative part of the insurance plan.

If you are on the lookout for an affordable Maruti car insurance online, here are a few ways in which you can make an informed decision and choose the best Maruti insurance online:

Choose Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Smartly

If you choose Maruti Car Insurance smartly, you can get your hands on the perfect deal. If you do not understand what your requirements are, you will never find the ideal Maruti Suzuki insurance for yourself and the whole buying process will be a total waste. In the end, you will end up realizing that the online Maruti car insurance that you chose was just not the one you actually needed.

To avoid spending money on deals that aren’t even relevant for you, you need to select an ideal policy, so that your hard-earned money is spent on the right online Maruti insurance. This will help you put your money in the right direction, hence preventing your money from getting wasted. When researching different companies, check out things like claim settlements, 24X7 customer service, renewal process, etc. and then decide to buy the Maruti Suzuki car insurance that suits you best. You should always opt for a company that provides services in a complete package without missing out on any important factors.

Select Add-On Covers Carefully

In order to buy an affordable Maruti car insurance, you should choose the add-on covers carefully, because it will only help you avoid spending your money on the covers that you don’t actually need. Add-on covers add more value to your basic plan. You might think that spending on add-on covers is not a good choice, but that is not the case. By purchasing an add-on cover, you can get extra coverage and even save extra money in the long run. Although you should choose the covers that your Maruti car and its usage requires. Select a cover that is according to your requirements. Covers that could be highly beneficial to you include car engine protector, NCB protector, zero depreciation, etc.

Know Your Insurance Provider

You must read about your insurance provider when you select your Maruti Suzuki car Insurance. The infrastructure and reputation of the insurance provider is crucial, as it plays an important role in making your online Maruti car insurance affordable. You also need to check the financial status of the company from which you want to buy Maruti insurance online. Plus, you need to inquire about their customer service and claim settlement ratio. A claim settlement ratio is typically the total claims that an insurer has settled taken against the total insurance claims that have been registered at that point of time.

If the claim settlement ratio of a company is high that means that the company can tackle claims at a much smoother rate. All of this will provide you valuable information about the company and help you in making a sound decision.


If you haven’t already put in a claim under your insurance in the previous policy term, then this can also benefit you. If you haven’t claimed your Maruti Suzuki car insurance in a specified period of time that means that you will be eligible for a No Claim Bonus (NCB) as a reward. NCB is provided for every year when a claim has not been filed. Additionally, NCB is a discount that is given on your insurance premium. The cumulative bonus can be anywhere in between 20% to 50% for a span of up to five years. This feature provides you with a lot of savings as far as premiums are concerned.

A lot of other things can further help you in trimming your Maruti car Insurance premium. These can include installing an anti-theft device (ARAI approved) in your Maruti car as well. Anti-theft devices include vehicle tracking, electronic immobilizers, keyless lock devices, steering wheel lock, alarms, etc. Also, if you are a member of an approved automobile association, it can also help you get discounts on your premium.

Remember to Transfer Your No Claim Bonus

If you are buying a new car and replacing your old one, remember to make a transfer of the No Claim Bonus. NCB is not linked to the vehicle, but to the policyholder. So, you can transfer it when you purchase a new car. All you need to do is inform your insurance company that you require a NCB transfer. The insurance company will then issue an NCB certificate to you that will aid you in reducing the premium that you will pay for the new car. The NCB certificate has a validity of up to 3 years. The NCB is also transferrable if you switch insurance providers.

Choose Higher Deductibles

Deductible is the amount that you have to pay at the time of making a claim. When you buy or renew your policy, you are allowed to choose a deductible amount voluntarily. If you select an increased deductible value, you will be needed to pay a larger sum towards the claim and the company will cover a lesser portion of the total claim amount. As there is reduced risk at the company’s side, a less amount of premium will be levied. However, you will need to take this decision after due consideration of whether or not the deductible will be affordable for you in case you do have to put in a claim.

Apply for Policy Renewal Before it Lapses

Before your policy lapses, you should go for a policy renewal. This is because you will need to conduct your research and make sure that your current policy is still suitable for you. This might require some time to make your decision, so it is a better idea if you have a little grace period before your policy actually lapses.

Make a Comparison of Plans Before Purchasing

Almost every insurance company has begun to offer their plans on the internet. When you go on a search for the best Maruti Suzuki Insurance for your car, it is recommended that you do a careful comparison of the various benefits and useful features offered by the insurance companies online. The car insurance portals available online offer you the freedom to compare insurance quotes on the internet itself. This will help you in choosing Maruti car insurance online that provides you with the coverage that you need at less premiums.

So, choosing affordable car insurance online is not a distant dream if certain parameters are kept in mind. These parameters will help you make an informed decision, so that you can save a good amount of money.