Makeup is our next necessity today. Today more than 70% of women won’t leave their house without putting on makeup. We have deep love with our eyes as well which we define with Kajal, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadows and much more. Here I am gonna talk about the 2 types of Eyeliners which one should definitely have. Dynamic Pen Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner from Clamy Cosmetics.

Dynamic Pen Eyeliner:

Clamy eyeliner conceptualDynamic Pen Eyeliner is a perfect simple to use eyeliner. It has a liquid base with a high precision tip that helps us to create a dynamic look as it has a pointed tip with a slanting edge which makes it easy to apply with perfection. Here you don’t need a brush which makes it easy to use and carry anywhere and everywhere you want.

The best thing about this eyeliner is it that it has a liquid base which makes everything easier. Only if your hands can’t be steady enough to draw sharp lines, use tapes to create perfect angles around and edges. After drying, get them off with smoothness. The liquid is also formulated to be intense enough to stick on your eyes with perfection. Along with everything you get a perfect finish of sharp-edged wing on your perfect eyes.

Gel Eyeliner:

ClamySM39605Gel Eyeliner is a new generation luxury eyeliner. This eyeliner comes with 2 gel bottles with black and brown colours. These are formulated in gel formula which has high precision and longer sustaining power. We need a brush to apply for which brands like Clamy Cosmetics do provide 2 different angled brushes. The brushes are soft and gentle which makes it easy to apply.

The brush makes the eyeliner glide on effortlessly. For perfection apply on the same line 3 to 4 times for dark dramatic effect. Gel Eyeliner is the luxury eyeliner. It might be easy to apply but you need time for it. You cannot just carry an eyeliner set of bottles with brush everywhere for different events or travel for a quick touch up. The look of Gel Eyeliner is unbeatable with the darkness and perfect shine. Gel Eyeliner might not help you get the perfect sharp edges but a smokey and smudged application.


Both eyeliners have their own special features and benefits. I would suggest you should choose as per your usage. If you want an eyeliner for travel and regular usage to be in your baggage and be used whenever and wherever required do prefer going for Dynamic Pen Eyeliner. In case of your special makeup and occasional touch-ups or the time when you need to look the best in the crowd, you should use Gel Eyeliner.

As Gel Eyeliner is the one with luxury touch for a special look but you need some time and a proper space to set this up and it can’t be a travel-friendly makeup product. I will leave here to you and do comment if any question. Also, keep following Meet Rv for more such great content.