Coconut Milk Powder

When you think about coconuts, you would always imagine sipping some coconut water through a straw. However, coconut water is not the only delicious thing you can get out of a coconut, as coconut milk powder has some fantastic uses. Coconut milk powder a by-product of coconut cream. The drying of the cream creates the powder, which people generally use in different dishes and cuisines across the globe. You can easily blend it in both liquids and solids, without leaving any lumps. Adding coconut powder to any mix increases the consistency and thickness of the dishes. The powder is an incredibly popular cooking ingredient, which is quite popular across the world in preparing various food products. While it is a staple in many cuisines, it is used most of all in the South Asian dishes.

Benefits of Using Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut powder is not only responsible for enhancing the taste of your dishes to extra amazing, but it also has several incredible health benefits. The matter of the fact is that it is a rich source of iron, which makes it perfect for your efforts to prevent anaemia. This iron-rich ingredient helps in the formation of hemoglobin in the body. It also helps in the regulation of heart function in your body. Ingestion of coconut milk powder also enables you to get rid of fatigue. The consistent use of coconut milk powder makes sure that every part of your body has optimal access to oxygen at all times. Research has also shown that coconut milk powder is an incredibly powerful way to boost the body’s immunity against pathogenic infections. Its antimicrobial properties hamper the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungus in the human body. With so many amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that this is such a favourite ingredient of many food products in different parts of the world. Here are 11 delicious ways through which you can make coconut milk powder an essential part of your daily diet.

#1. Coconut Ice Cream 

Coconut Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? A great way to make sure that ice cream is as nutritious as it is delicious is to use coconut powder in your ice cream. The secret to delicious ice cream is to mix a little bit of coconut powder with other ingredients to make a beautiful mashup. One component that goes amazingly well with coconut is lime. All you need is cream, lime zest, lime juice, desiccated coconut, and coconut powder to make a mouthwatering lime and coconut ice cream. Coconut goes well with chocolate too, as evident by the numerous chocolate flavours available in the market. You can also use this tried and tested combo to create some yummy ice cream.

#2. Thai Green Kodri

The deliciousness and the health benefits of this ingredient have made it a staple in Thai cuisine. Kodri is an ingredient that is quite similar to rice. A Thai Green Kodri brings you the deliciousness of Kodri but with the addition of coconut milk. The coconut milk powder makes this dish diabetic-friendly as it reduces the amount of sugar, which Thais typically use in the dish. So even if you are on a diet, you can easily fulfil all your curry cravings with this coconut curry. You can try different variations of the curry, but one thing that needs to remain consistent is the addition of coconut. With that done, you can add different kinds of meats or vegetables to it to get the taste you want. Indeed, this is the best part of getting your hands on different cuisines of the world. It lets you experiment with the food recipes and also enables you to include your favorite flavours in the food. This way, you not only treat your taste buds but also amaze your family members and friends with some new dishes.

#3. Egyptian Sobia Drink 

The great thing about this versatile ingredient is that you can use it for cooking food from a multitude of different cuisines. This way you can also expand your palate. If you want something cool and refreshing on a hot summer day, then the Egyptian Sobia Drink is the perfect choice for you. Using the simplest of ingredients like rice, coconut powder, and vanilla powder, you can make this drink in less than 30 minutes. You can wow your kids on a hot summer day with this drink as it doesn’t take time. So whether you want to impress your coworkers at the next potluck or create something sensational for your family, this drink is your chance to flaunt your food knowledge. The drink may sound very plain to your ear but packs intense flavour in every sip.

#4. Beef Curry 

Many people think that coconut milk powder is something that you can only use in sweet dishes. However that is a gross misconception as coconut milk powder is also a great ingredient to use in savoury dishes. One way in which this ingredient can elevate a savoury dish is through infusing your beef in a mixture containing the powder for a gluten-free dish. This low carb dish is a great way to stick to your keto diet while still having something delicious. Not only is this dish low in calories but it is also dairy-free. So even if you are abstaining from all your favourite food for a diet, you can still have some delicious coconut beef curry.

#5. Milk Powder Candies 

Coconut confectionery has always held a special place in everyone’s heart. Whether it’s bounty chocolate with delicious coconut filling or Raffaello with coconut shavings on top. However you don’t have to rush to the nearest store to enjoy coconut candies. Four ingredients, fifteen minutes and just seventy calories can give you the amazing taste that you have always been craving. With coconut powder as the main ingredient, you’ll get some amazing melt-in-your-mouth candies/ These candies pack a strong coconut flavour and are very flaky. If you wish to dampen the coconut flavour, you can add other ingredients to it too, for example, chocolates or candies.

#6. Coconut Popsicles 

Coconut Popsicles

For those of you, who want to trick your children into eating something healthy, coconut popsicles are perfect for you. Not only are they a great way to beat the heat but also help you stay healthy as coconut powder comes with a lot of benefits. You can make full coconut popsicles or Neopolitan ones with cereal milk. Or you can even use some other ingredients to make a fun mix of popsicle flavours. Since coconut can be mixed with a multitude of different components to create some great stuff, there are numerous different variations of popsicles that you can try. Children love popsicles, and this is how you can make them eat healthy food without having them to compromise on their favorite varieties.

#7. Strawberry and Coconut Pancakes 

Strawberry and Coconut PancakesIf you want to whip up something tasty as well as gluten-free, strawberry and coconut pancakes are just the perfect solution for you. These pancakes bring together the yumminess of strawberries and the health benefits of coconut for a truly healthy breakfast. If you wish to add an extra layer of taste to your pancakes, you can even serve them with vanilla ice cream to bring out the taste of the other ingredients. You can also replace strawberries with other gluten-free fruits like berries. This way you can create different types of fillings for your pancakes.

#8. Coconut and Roasted Butternut Soup 

Time and time again, we’ve seen how weird combinations lead to iconic dishes. Like Nutella and banana, this is another combination that you must try. The best part is that the coconut doesn’t overpower any of the other ingredients, so you can individually experience each element of the soup. This dash of coconut makes your soup more creamy and gives it a lot richer texture. The aroma of coconut and butternut together is enough to bring people running towards this dish. This remarkable dish will be a great addition to your winter days when you can enjoy the best food with your family while enjoying the mild sunlight in the outdoors.

#9. Coconut Smoothie

Coconut SmoothieIn this fast-moving world, we seldom find time for proper meals now. Breakfast, in particular, is one meal that always suffers due to our fast-paced daily routine. Lucky for them, smoothies are now a better alternative that provides the same nutrition as a proper breakfast. It is all about finding the right ingredients that provide nutrition and are also delicious when combined together. One such ingredient that people swear by is coconut. Using coconut milk in your regular smoothie completely changes the game. You can add banana, strawberries or any other fruit that you usually use in your everyday smoothies, without worrying about the taste, cause coconut milk goes well with everything.

#10. Coconut Chutney

Finding the right dip is an art that only a few have mastered yet. To find a mixture that goes with everything without overpowering the main dish is a struggle many people go through in their daily life. If you too are looking to up your dip game, this chutney is the outcome of your prayers. Coconut chutney is a light and balanced dip that compliments every dish that it accompanies. Mostly you will find it next to spicy dishes, to give people a fighting chance. Generally, the people living in South Asia and middle east are fond of chutneys. This flavour of chutney is going to add value to their collection.

#11. Coconut Yoghurt 

If you want a delicious yet nutritious snack for yourself and your loved ones, then coconut yogurt is what you can present on the table with confidence. The addition of coconut takes plain old yogurt and elevates it to a new level. You can eat it as breakfast addition or an afternoon snack or pair it up with any other dish. The addition of agave syrup and coconut to the yogurt gives it an unexpected kick of flavour that will linger on your tastebuds.

With so many extra added benefits to our health, it is no wonder that coconut milk powder is gaining popularity at a brisk pace across the world. From being used in intricate dishes to replacing regular milk in cereals, this dish is on its way to becoming an essential part of every cuisine. We hope the recipes mentioned above will give you reasons for more experimentation with coconut milk powder. These recipes are not only a great way of flaunting your cooking skills but also showcase your knowledge about how people in different parts of the world elevate their eating experience.