Hiring A Moving Company

No matter whether you are moving out of the street or out of the state, it is very important to hire the best movers for you. It should be your top priority to avoid moving scams when it comes to hiring professional movers.

Luckily it is easier to spot if a company is a scam. While we always tend to hire cheap moving companies, it should be in context of pricing; cheap as in affordable.

The unreliable moving companies on other hand tend to lure customers with offers that are not even realistic.

Have a look at these red flags that indicates that you should say a clear “no” to a company.

They are not properly licensed and insured 

This is a red flag when a company is not properly insured. The movers should be properly licensed especially when you are embarking on an interstate move. It is also recommended to check the regulations offered by your state while hiring local moving companies and act accordingly.

On the other hand, if a company is not properly insured then it is again a sign that a company is not a legitimate mover. The company should be insured to protect themselves from any kind of big damage that can occur anytime during a move. If a company is a lack of offering complete insurance then it is not an ideal option to pay them.

They do not provide you an accurate cost estimate 

If a company offers you an estimate before seeing your belongings then it is a big red flag that a company might be a scam. Such companies usually start with low billing estimate to lure customers and then they gradually increase the same. At the end of the move, the cost doubles or triples the start of a move. Make sure that the company should offer you an estimate only after seeing your belongings.

They only offer non-binding cost estimates 

If a company does not offer you a binding or a not to exceed cost estimate then it is time to run from this company. Though a nonbinding estimate is given by a company according to the weight of your belongings, when this non-binding estimate will rise, no one knows. Usually, scam companies offer non-binding estimates while genuine companies offer a not to exceed estimates.

The company doesn’t offer valuation coverage 

It is the responsibility of movers to offer valuation coverage to protect their belongings. Valuation coverage is not the same as that of the insurance. There are two types of valuation coverage named full value protection and released time. If a moving company doesn’t offer you valuation coverage then it is again a “no” to this company.

The online reviews of a company are bad 

Though if only a single or two reviews are bad then you can ignore but if the company website contains a row of negative review then it is hard to ignore. Pay attention to the review website and the reviews are given on their website. It will give you a clear idea that whether a company is genuine or not.

They can’t offer you references 

If a company hesitates in providing references or if a company does not have references to offer then it is a sign that there is something wrong with the company. Usually, the genuine moving companies jump to provide you the references with a long list of their happy customers. It makes them feel pride in what services they offer. If a company hesitates in offering you references then you might be dealing with a non-service oriented moving company.

They behave unprofessionally 

The way they talk and behave will tell you a lot about the company. If a moving company does not have a physical address, lacks in business cards, professional email and business license, it shows their unprofessionalism. If they lack uniforms, if they behave unprofessionally and rudely, if they don’t have manners, and if they drive an unmarked truck then again you should run away from such companies.

They demand to pay up in front 

If a moving company demands you a big amount to be paid in front then it is an indication that the company is not going to offer you satisfactory work or it is completely a scam. You should pay movers after the goods reach to the desired location else movers can run after taking your money. So, make sure to not to pay beforehand.

The company does not offer you bill of lading 

Of course, it is obvious, if a company does not offer you bill of lading then it would be a scam. The bill of lading is nothing but an official contract between you and your movers. So whoever load all your belongings in their truck, they must first hand over you a bill of lading which indicates all the terms and conditions between you and the mover.

There is no way to contact the driver 

If there is no way to contact the driver of the truck, it is important to get in touch with the truck driver when your belongings are in transit. Professional moving companies can keep you updated timely on where your belongings have reached and when you can receive them at a new location. If a company does not offer you the contact information of the driver then it means the company is not genuine.

These are the 10 red flags that make you able to know that a company is a scam and you should not hire such moving companies. Pay attention to every detail, use common sense while hiring professional movers.