home theatre

Thanks to affordable technology, home theatres are no longer an extravagance for the rich. Many families are now enjoying the theatre experience within the comfort of their homes. The anticipation of a fully immersive movie experience can be overwhelming, and you may be wondering where to start.

#1. Choose the perfect room

Basements are considered dark and dingy places often used as storage spaces or not used at all. They are, however, ideal for home theatres because of features such as concrete walls, floors, and ceiling. Concrete reduces sounds and vibrations, so you spend less on soundproofing the room. They’re also fewer windows in the basement, further enhancing the theatre vibe. You don’t want anything interrupting you as you kick back to watch the best movies on Netflix.

#2. Get the perfect seating area

A great theatre experience needs you to be comfortable, which makes choosing the ideal seating position vital for your theatre. Your local supermarket will have different types of seats you to choose from. Leather is the best option because it’s easy to clean and will not stain when you pour liquids on it. 

However, fabric will still be great. If you prefer to get your hands dirty and save a few bucks, use pallets to make the seats and embellish them with cushions and throw pillows. Pallets are easy to custom-make and are strong enough to hold your weight. 

#3. It’s all about the sound 

You will need to invest a little more in getting the right sound. Speaker technology is advanced today, and there are tons of variety available. You can get something with the quality you need without breaking your bank. Theatre speakers and movie sound tracks are designed for a specific environment. That’s why when using regular home speakers, you will hear the sound of a moving train thunder from one corner to the next. Always choose speakers that are meant for a theatre experience if you want the best sound. 

#4. Viewing 

There are numerous ways to watch movies in your almost done theatre. For instance, you can choose a high definition TV set, or go with a projector. Balance between a big screen and the experience you want, or you will end up swinging your head from side to side to take in all the action. Lighting also plays a part in your theatre experience. Install lights on the side that are not too bright but lit enough to let you see where you will sit and move around when you must. Always turn off the lights when watching the movie. 

You should look forward to movie night once your home theatre is complete. Remember to add wall hangings and paintings to personalize the space and add a little of your personality to it. Thanks to affordable large hi-def TVs, quality audio systems, and reliable internet connectivity, designing your home theatre is more accessible. While picking what systems to install, examine them thoroughly, and if you like it, take it.