SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization, as much as it is important for a website, is getting more and more difficult every day. This is not because webmasters are not qualified enough to compete with Google’s algorithms but this is because Google is focusing more and more on user experience.

The ultimate goal with Google is to give users the best experience. And if you assist Google with it, you are definitely going to rank on search engines. If you are still stuck on black hat SEO strategies in 2019, it is going to be more and more difficult for you with time. Here are some advance SEO techniques that you can use in 2019.

Know your user

As a website owner, you expect traffic on your website. This means that you want people to not only click on your content but to go through it and eventually, find it valuable. The way you do it is not just through SEO. Search engine optimization will get you to rank on search engines. It will get you to optimize content in a way that it gets your target audience’s attention.

But how do you improve user experience that will actually benefit your user? You do that by investing time in surveying into what is your visitor enjoying and what is your visitor disliking. If the placement of a certain ad is creating negative user experience, you know you should move it. If certain kinds of content format work better for you, go for it.

Expand your most popular pages

Content marketing is difficult. Not because it is difficult to create content as there are multiple paraphrasing tools that actually creates an influential blog. The way you can do content marketing while also being sure that it will work is by expanding your most popular pages. You have a website and some pages on your website rank better than other pages. The pages that rank at the top most, you would need to expand them. The way you do that is to first look at your keyword.

There is a main keyword, can you use a few tools and make some Google searches to find long tail keywords that can also be incorporated in your content? This way, if you have a blog post of 1000 words, you will make it a blog post of 1500 or more depending on how many long tail keywords you are trying to add. And you will end up ranking for keywords that go with your main keyword.

Send link juice to pages that are not ranking well

Like mentioned above, some pages on your website are going to do better than other pages. This means that where you have a lot of traffic coming on one page of your website, there is only some traffic on other pages.

The way you improve rankings for pages that are not doing as well is by sending link juice to those pages. Simply add internal links on pages that are doing great to pages that are not doing as well. This will make sure that pages that are not doing as well get to rank better over time.

Leverage info graphics

On the web content creation industry, the future holds in video and info graphics. More and more people want to spend time watching a 2 minutes long video than to read a 500 words blog post.

This does not mean that you should stop writing your blogs but you should incorporate content that goes well with that text content. Info graphics tend to do create in search engines, especially the animated ones.

Leverage round up posts

Round up posts are great because they allow you to pick pieces from all these awesome content creators on the web and add it all in a single blog post. It works out great for you because you can then email all these content creators and ask them for social shares and back links.

And this is not like emailing any other person for a back link, most people will be willing to share your blog post since they have been featured there.