Custom Writing

If you’re in college, one of the toughest academic tasks you have to complete is essay writing. Essays require a lot of time for research and compilation of ideas into an academic paper. You have to pick the best topic, scour through multiple study materials, learn about formatting styles and structure your paper accordingly. Doing all this when you still have a social life to enjoy is not easy. To overcome the challenge, you can use essay writing help from a professional writing service.

The advent of internet technology has made it easy for students to access essay writing assistance including topic suggestions, thesis formulation, and paper writing, editing and proofreading. However, with so many companies offering these services offering the same services, choosing the right one becomes an overwhelming task.

This guide suggests the main criteria to use when choosing a reliable custom writing company.

#1. Experience In The Industry

A good essay writing company should have long running experience in the industry to guarantee the best quality services. An established company will have the resources to hire experienced essay writers and provide them with the tools required to deliver quality papers. Look for a writing service which has been in the industry for some time if you need the best assistance for your essay.

#2. Trained Writers

When looking for an essay writing company, your main focus should be on the writers’ credentials because they are the cog of the services offered. Make sure you query the qualifications and specialization of the writer assigned to your order. The best thing about writing companies is that you have a wide choice of writers and you should choose the best to guarantee a quality paper.

#3. Range Of Services

Always look for a writing service that offers a one-stop-shop for all your essay writing needs. A good paper writing company should offer comprehensive writing solutions for all essay types including argumentative essays, literature essays, persuasive essays, descriptive essays among others. They should also offer editing and proofreading services, topic suggestions, sample papers, revisions, plagiarism checks and any other essay writing services you might need.

#4. Customized Essay Writing

Every client has unique essay writing needs and the best essay services appreciate this; hence, their tailored solutions. There’s no one-fits-all package in essay writing and your writer has to understand your needs and write a paper from scratch. If a paper writing company doesn’t offer customized solutions, keep looking for others.

#5. 24/7 Customer Support

You should only work with a company that is easy to access any time you need their services. The best essay writing company offers round the clock customer support services to ensure prompt resolution for your orders or feedback for your inquiries.

#6. Multiple Communication Channels

When reviewing different essay writing companies, look at the communication channels available. The best services have multiple channels for communication including live chat, email, phone, text, social medic networks and phone.

#7. Easy To Use Website

To guarantee the best quality papers, always work with a professional essay writing service. A company’s website can easily tell you how serious they are about the business. Look for an easy to use website containing contact information, services, how the service works and any other details you may require.

#8. Solid Reputation

You should do a background search of the writing company before making any payments. Look for any complaints on social media, search engines and other online platforms. If you find unresolved complaints, look for another service provider.

#9. Clear Modus Operandi

A reputable essay writing service will have a systematic writing process displayed on their website and other platforms. You can read the steps to be followed when writing your paper and in case of any questions, the company’s customer service team should provide the answers. If a writing company doesn’t want to explain how its writers work, it’s likely they use underhand methods which can lead to problems with your teachers.

#10. Zero-plagiarism Policy

There should be no compromise when it comes to plagiarism in writing. This is a serious academic offence which can lead to devastating consequences at school. Always check the writing company’s stand on plagiarism and confirm their commitment to deliver plagiarism-free work. If there’s some ambivalence on this, take your essay elsewhere to avoid penalties or even expulsions.

Using an essay writer helps augment your ideas, reduce the stress of finding research materials and refines your paper to guarantee the best grade. You can now use these tips to find the best writing service to work on your paper.