Cool Gifts for Men

There are people who always have tons of gift ideas for everyone around them, but most of us struggle every time when there’s some special occasion coming. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary or any different day, it’s always preceded by hours of thinking, considering, choosing and browsing. Are you unlucky enough to belong to the latter category of people? Don’t you worry anymore!

Here are some of the coolest gift ideas for men. So if you’re looking for something special for your husband, brother, boyfriend, father or a friend, we’ve got you covered.

  • Golf Clubs – it doesn’t matter if he’s already a golfer or not; if he’s not a total golf hater, golf clubs may be the perfect gift for him to improve or discover a new hobby. It’s important to choose the right grip size, but, since you probably want it to be a surprise, you can check your golf grip size, and then adjust it accordingly to differences between you and him.
  • 3-in-1 Charger – there’s no need for tons of cables anymore. If you’re shopping for a technology fan, you can elate him with a 3-in-1 charger that will allow him to charge his phone, AirPods and smartwatch at the same time, with the help of only one handy device.
  • Darth Vader Ice Mold – if he’s a Star Wars fan (a which man isn’t?), indulge him with this little gadget. Thanks to this ice mould, he will be able to enjoy his cold drinks with Darth-Vader-shaped ice. It’s this kind of thing that everyone would love to have but nobody ever buys it for themselves.
  • Wireless Bluetooth hat – this looks like a normal, very fashionable hat, but it’s able to stream music and calls from his phone thanks to Bluetooth technology. What’s more, the speaker is removable, so it can be washed like a normal piece of fabric.
  • Mighty Thor Hammer Tool Kit – is he a handyman, but also a massive Marvel fan? There’s no better gift idea than this tool kit shaped like Thor’s hammer. Let him channel his inner god every time he gets to repairing the sink or hanging pictures on the walls.
  • Matrix Urban Bike Helmet – if he’s a biker, you probably want him to be safe. So why shouldn’t you invest in a high-tech helmet that will help you keep him that way? Thanks to the lights, it can signal turns, slow-downs and warn other vehicles when it’s dark. Plus, it’s really cool.
  • Personalised Travel Pushpin Map – this is the perfect gift if he lives from one trip to another and he always gets excited about discovering new places. Thanks to colourful pushpins he will be able to track his progress in exploring the world and boast about it to his guests.
  • Temperature Control Smart Mug – if he’s a tea or a coffee lover, but he’s also very busy or absent-minded, you will solve some of his problems with this gift. He won’t have to worry about his hot drinks getting cold anymore, and they won’t ever lose their deliciousness.
  • Cooling Pint Glass – nobody likes it when his beer gets warm, right? With these glasses, the threat of beer warming up to the room temperature will completely disappear.
  •  Table lamp with a WiFi speaker – it looks really stylish, it can provide him with more light for reading or repairing things, and it can play music. The sound is of good quality and he won’t have to look for a place for a regular speaker.
  •  Socks subscription – socks are very often the favourite part of men’s clothing. If it happens to be the case with your man, you can provide him with regular deliveries of fashionable patterns and colours.
  •  Multi-Function Bike Repair Kit – another perfect gift for a bikes lover. Thanks to this kit, he won’t ever get stuck in the middle of nowhere because his bike broke down. He will have everything he needs in one small and very handy kit.
  •  Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – if he is a fan of fire burning in his mouth and throat (like many men), he will enjoy this. This kit will allow him to mix his favourite flavours and experiment a little bit. Who knows, maybe he will discover a whole new passion.

That’s a lot, right? Of course, the choice is yours; or, to be more precise, it depends on the other person’s taste. But it’s always much easier to find something perfect when you already have some inspiration. So there’s no time to waste – let’s go shopping!