Valentine's Day Flowers for Your Girlfriend

Time flies and I bet you didn’t even realize that it is almost that moth of the year where you need to get your loved ones special gifts of love to show them how much they mean to you. Valentine’s Day is here with us again, but have you prepared for it? If it has just hit you that you are supposed to give your girlfriend a gift on this day and you don’t know what to get her, here are seven valentine flowers that you can surprise her with. Women love flowers and they really won’t mind if you gave them flowers as their Valentine Gifts

Valentines Roses

Although these flowers seem cliché, they are regarded as the most romantic flowers of them all. Since this flower comes in many different hues, it is easy to make a bouquet unique by including several flowers in it. If you’ve been going out for sometimes and your romantic relationship has matured into a passionate one, you should get your girlfriend deep red roses to symbolize the ever-burning fire of love that you feel deep in your heart. For those who have just started going out, red or pink flowers are perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift to symbolize hope, innocence, and trust. Combining different types of hues in one bouquet shows you are wild and excited about your romantic relationship.


Roses are not the only romantic flowers for you can gift your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. There are also many different flowers you can use. For example, you can try out orchids for a change if you have been giving your loved one’s roses in the past. Orchids come in different types, however, they are hard to find and quite rare. Giving these flowers to anyone symbolizes wisdom, beauty, wisdom, refinement, and seduction. This bunch is not as wild as the famous romantic rose, but they have a calming way to show affection and love. If you want to show your girlfriend that you admire her beauty and rare delicate nature, orchids will help you express that. You can also present a blooming orchid plant in a vase as a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.


If you want to declare your love to that special person in your life, then what you need is a lovely bouquet of red tulips. This symbolism makes them perfect as a Valentine Flowers Tulips also make great romantic flowers for your girlfriend this valentine. You can also go for the pink and yellow tulips in a single bouquet which symbolizes the care and being hopelessly in love. Tulips are used as complementary flowers in a bouquet of roses or other flowers that have relatively big bulbs, due to their various colors. They also last long as water vase flowers compared to most flowers. This is also used to symbolize strong lasting feelings that you have towards that person.

Gerbera Daisy

Another great Valentine’s Day flower is gerbera daisy. Regarded as the fifth popular flower in the world, gerbera is full of symbolism. They are colorful flowers that are used to convey cheerfulness, purity, and innocence. Some of the colors you can find are sunny yellow bright pink, ruby red, and snow white. If you want to make your valentine feel loved and appreciated on this special day, you can get her a bouquet of red, white and pink gerbera daisies. You can complement this bouquet with a bottle of wine to celebrate the night away with as you unwind after a tiresome day.


Irises are underrated but they also make great romantic flowers to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day. What makes them great flowers is their unique distinctive nature as complementary flowers. If you have just started going out and your romantic relationship is not that deep yet, these are the best flowers since they convey inspiration, faith, or hope. They also make awesome flowers if you want to try unique flower gifts to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day.


If you feel like you have been giving her roses every Valentine’s Day and you want to try out something else this time, carnations are the best alternatives for roses. The beauty of these lovely blooms is the numerous hue they come in. They symbolize playful emotions and light-heartedness. You can also use it to show your fascination towards a person, making them the perfect choice for those who have just started going out or at the early stages of their relationship. If you are a woman, you can also give it to your man pink carnations since it also represents a woman’s love.


Lilies make wonderful floral gifts when they stand alone rather than using them as complementary flowers to other bouquets. They are stunningly beautiful flowers, making them perfect flowers to celebrate love. They are also used to convey beauty, enthusiasm, and ambition. They make great flowers for those who have just discovered something greater than friendship in their relationship and want to express and grow it. Including them in your Valentine’s Day bouquet adds excitement, texture, and color. Your girlfriend will appreciate this Valentine’s Day gift.

There they are, the seven best flowers to give to your girlfriend during Valentine’s Day. The beauty of all these flowers is that they are available in many different hues and you can also send them to compliment other flower bouquets. So try them out and don’t just go for roses all the time.

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