Fleetmatics is a field service management software which aids in streamlining management and reducing the paperwork in a company. It helps in taking schedules, quotes, invoices and many more things from paper to the cloud.

Once a company follows the fleetmatics Reveal 2020 guide, then they are able to control schedules, make schedules, assign jobs to other employees and many more work through it.

Therefore, Fleetmatics makes a company more productive by simplifying, organizing and managing day to day operations. This app ensures that everything runs smoothly.


Some of the vital features of Fleetmatics are fleet management, fuel management, Fleet maintenance, real-time location of fleet vehicles, work order management and all other functions which are needed for small and average size companies. Below mentioned are some more features from Fleetmatics 2018 guide:

  • This app helps the users to view all drivers on map and thus detect vehicle misuse like harsh braking, hard corning, quick starts automatically. It helps the clients to meet the challenges related to managing local fleets and thus improving the productivity of the mobile workforce.
  • Whenever there is dangerous driver behavior then that it is notified by the software by push alerts in real time. The company also helps in preventing breakdowns in different ways like when the app provides maintenance alerts to inform clients when vehicles are due for proper maintenance. Such alerts are very useful in warding off any breakdown.
  • The arrival time is quoted by the dispatchers as the system provides a dynamic map view of all the drivers. They are also able to view the fuel usage, vehicle location and speed mileage. Thus, it helps in minimizing capital and operating costs which ultimately increases the profit.
  • Drivers can also track their performance on their smartphone by using the Fleet mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • Usually, drivers can view the nearby company vehicles which help them to get their task easily. It also offers real time fleet monitoring facility which help the client to dispatch the work more efficiently and so the time spent on calling drivers for updates is minimized.


There are numerous benefits of Fleetmatics but among many, the best one is that drivers can use it and check what stops are scheduled and they can easily get a scorecard which indicates how they compare themselves with other drivers using various other measures like idling, speeding, and a number of stops. Few more benefits are mentioned here:

  1. Tracking the company vehicles is made possible through this app.
  2. It is easy to use and very simple to install on the device.
  3. This app is very clear to see and much easy to learn.
  4. The setup of the app is relatively simpler than other app.
  5. It helps to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets.
  6. This app aids in improving the productivity of mobile work force.
  7. Alerts could be set based on the time of the engine, calendar or mileage.


Fleetmatics is such a software which eventually helps the clients to save a considerable amount of fuel.

This is possible because this tracking app helps in reducing the overall cost by reducing the incidences of speeding, improving routing and dispatching and decreasing the idle time. It also helps in limiting the unauthorized vehicle use and aids in finding the stolen vehicles quickly.

Thus, it is possible to handle unsafe driving habits before they lead to accidents.

Now, after you have gone through the Fleetmatics 2018 guide, you are aware of its usefulness and role in increasing the overall profit of the company.