Compelling Benefits of Pursuing Higher Education

Education is the cornerstone of every prosperous society. It gives you the tools to get better-paying jobs, polish your skills, and live a fulfilling life, so it is highly recommended that you pursue an advanced degree right after high school. Besides, it’s also much easier now to pursue an advanced degree. Technology and digitization have heavily redefined academia, resulting in a rise in online degrees. More than six million Americans are currently pursuing their degrees online. 

So why is that? The reason is simple, the flexibility and convenience that online programs offer attract millions. Similarly, when new and lucrative concepts like AI and virtual reality enter the picture, ensuring you have the right degree to survive the shifting job market has become crucial for your profession. 

The following are some reasons you should explore to get a better idea of why you need to pursue higher education in 2023:

Better Earning Potential

A higher degree allows you to make more money. Your degree prepares you for better job positions and senior posts at your workplace. For instance, according to the BLS, individuals with less than a high school diploma earn less than $30,000 annually. But if you manage to secure a bachelor’s, you can make your way to making at least $60,000 per year. There’s also a substantial decrease in unemployment, as less than 2% of people with bachelors need help finding a job. 

Therefore, consider getting a degree if you’re eager to boost your earnings. If you require assistance figuring out where to start, browse through Oklahoma online degrees and find a suitable program. Oklahoma is also known for its diversity and excellent educational standards. So, if you seek quality education, this state can provide it.

Furthermore, master-level degrees can elevate your earning potential even higher. So, having an advanced degree and pursuing higher education is your only option if you want a secure income.  

Enhanced Job Security

Pursuing higher education leads to an increase in job security. Quoting data from the BLS, in 2021, the unemployment rate for college degree holders was less than 2%, while for those with a high school education alone was about 4%. An advanced degree allows you to adapt to changing economic patterns and turmoil. And this was seen at the start of the pandemic of 2019; employees with college degrees fared better than those with high school education alone in keeping their jobs. 

Additionally, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, more than 70% of the active workforce have bachelor’s degrees, making them a pivotal component of an expanding economy. Higher education prepares you for the future; you know what to expect and can steer yourself in that direction. As a result, if a new business model is introduced or a new work policy enters the picture, you’re already better equipped to handle it. 

A More Positive Outlook towards Life

Who doesn’t want a better life? Having an advanced degree or pursuing higher education can ensure you can achieve this milestone. Every active worker strives for a better house, education, and access to necessities. Why not give yourself a chance to attain that kind of life? Having a degree allows you to work for companies that offer health insurance benefits to their employees. 

According to the data published by a study conducted by a College board, more than 60% of college grads can access sponsored health insurance. Therefore, having the ability to obtain adequate medical care drastically improves your quality of life. You’re also far more knowledgeable to make informed choices and can care for yourself more adequately. 

Allows You to Grow 

Higher education gives you exposure. You get to mingle with experts and professionals in your desired field that can inspire you to work harder. The structured curriculum provides remarkable experiences that leave a lasting mark on you. For instance, some degrees offer a one-year exchange program that lets you work and study in another country, which can shape your personality. 

Similarly, working in a team with your peers allows you to build confidence, become more effective at communication, and give you the ability to think fast on your feet. These interpersonal traits help you stand out and make you a sought-after employee. Anytime you’re challenged with a unique situation, such as learning a new tech tool or familiarizing yourself with concepts like data analysis, you’ll be fine with learning, comprehending, and utilizing what you picked from the job.

Final Thoughts

Higher education is your ticket to a better life. When you allow yourself to learn more, you give your career a chance to flourish. There are many advantages to earning an advanced degree. To begin with, you secure higher-paying jobs and guarantee steady cash flows into your account. Additionally, higher education also offers job security. Companies prefer an employee with a graduate degree over one who has a high school diploma alone.

Furthermore, getting an advanced degree is the way to go if you want a privileged life. Finally, nothing reshapes your personality better than higher education. You become a perfect blend of knowledge and experience which can shift your perspective positively.