Colorado has a lot of amazing places; from lush greens to the exciting outdoor activities to the eye-widening wildlife and most dazzling destinations, it’s no less than a heaven. Popular for its natural beauty, scenic attractions and dramatic landscapes, Colorado has it all. You can enjoy rolling streams, high deserts of Colorado, hiking and many other amazing things here.

If you are still finding reasons to be in Colorado, here are some of the most compelling yet beautiful ones to bring you in the place.

Maroon Bells:

Have you ever seen colorado in pictures? If yes, you must have seen Maroon lake. It’s the most clicked spot in Colorado with the beautiful snow-capped mountains called Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak joining together. Here you will witness the beautiful picture amplified with the symphony of different colors that keep on changing with seasons.

Don’t forget your camera when coming here because every step to this panoramic destination is worth clicking. Also, you can hike on the mountains, witness the wildflower fields, do fishing and more at the maroon lake.

The Subtle, Open And Authentic- Ouray!

Situated at the river valley and covered with the snow-capped mountains of San Juan, Ouray is a perfect place to connect with Mother Nature. Relax at this wonderful place or soak yourself in the therapeutic waters.

You can have a stay at ouray hotels colorado by booking rooms in Ouray to enjoy outdoor activities, waterfalls and more at this place.

Mesa Verde National Park:

Situated at the Southwest of Colorado, Mesa Verde is also called a green table. It’s a beautiful national park and also a UNESCO world heritage site with ancient Puebloan architectures and cliff dwelling.  Mesa Verde was ideally inhabited by a group of nomadic Paleo-Indians, popularly called as the Foothills Mountain Complex.

The place will surely fascinate you if you are a history lover! Near the Mesa Verda, there’s also a Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum, which will give you details of native Americans and other historical things. Just get a pair of flip-flops or get into your comfortable footwear to explore this place.

Great Dunes National Park:

Colorado’s dunes are more like Rock Mountains covering most of the land thereby creating amazing vistas. Enjoy the wetlands, explore the trails, spend nights amidst the dunes and more.  Great Dunes also offer many amazing activities that you can cherish, so get ready to enjoy them too. There are sandboarding and sand sledging,which you can enjoy in the dunes.

Sandboarding is like snowboarding, steep and scary at first, but filled with thrill and excitement. Get the backcountry permit to enjoy the late night ambience and full moon. You can either camp or can stop at night to view dunes.

Ice Castle:

Ice Castle in Silverthorne is one of the most spectacular places with the dreamy, fairy tale ambience. Made by using more than 25,000 tons of pure ice, this is the epitome of classic man-made beauties. Build in winters; it gets involved till early summers.

The ice castle is like a winter wonderland with amazing maze of walls, cathedrals, fountains and more to cherish.

Hanging Lake:

Situated at the top of Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake is a crystal clear travertine lake to make you awe-struck from its beauty. Situated at the edge of the Glenwood Canyon’s cliffs, this clear turquoise lake will look amazing when witnessed.

The water flows in the lake from the Bridal Veil Fall giving a breathtaking view. To reach to the Hanging lake, you have to go from a mile-long hike which is not only steep but also rigorous. But, after the trail, you will witness the magnificent natural beauty.

If you are heading to Colorado, keep the above places in your bucket list and capture the real beauty!