bike helmet

Cleaning of your motorcycle protective wear is very important. When riding fast, there are chances of debris and even insects sticking on your clothes and helmet.  Therefore, you should at least devise a way of ensuring that you clean your protective wear on a regular basis.

 Once you acquire your motorcycle helmet, you will need to make sure that you take good care of it. Seeing that most parts of the helmet are solid, most people are not sure on whether to clean it or not. Due to sweating and how close to your skin the helmet normally is, it will end up getting dirty and even smelly if you do not act fast. Motorcycle helmets need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis just like any other biking outfit. If you are looking to clean your helmet, you need to know that you should clean both the inside and outside. If you are wondering whether it is important to clean your helmet, here are some points that will help you out:

  • Helmet Exterior
    The first place that you start with when cleaning motorcycle helmets is the outer part of it. This is basically made out of thermoplastic, fiberglass shells, Kevlar and Carbon composite Shells among others. When it comes to clean this part, you can use some of the cleaning sprays that you use for your windows. After you thoroughly spray your helmet, you should use a clean microfiber towel to polish it. For better results, you should use two towels; one for cleaning off the cleaner after it has dissolved any dirt and the second one for polishing the helmet. The exterior shell of the helmet comes into contact with lots of dust particles among other debris. Therefore, important that you be cleaning it regularly.
  • Interior Linear
    Most motorcycle helmets are designed differently on the inside. If you are looking to clean the linear part of your helmet, you will need to remove them first. The good news is that they can be cleaned using your washing machine. The interior part of your helmet might not require frequent cleaning as the exterior; however, you should make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly. The padding found on the inside is what absorbs your sweat and oil from your hair. Over time, this buildup can start to stink if not cleaned.
  • Helmet Visor
    When cleaning their motorcycle helmets, most people tend to clean the visor of their helmets on the top side alone. Removing the visor from its position will give you a better handle on cleaning it. Once you have removed it, use the cleaner to get rid of any dirt or debris that might be stuck on it. After a few minutes, use your towels to clean it up and then polish it. Since this is the part that you use for vision while on the road, you should make sure that it is always spotlessly clean. The good news is that it is quite easy to disconnect it and then put it back once you are done cleaning it.

Even if you are not concerned about your hygiene, you might not be so stubborn once your helmet starts to stink due to accumulated oils and sweat. It is very important when shopping for the motorcycle helmets, you find out how they are cleaned. If you are worried about your time, you should know that it takes less than twenty minutes to thoroughly clean your helmet.