maharajas express train

If you are planning to explore India, you should do it in the way it was intended to. Choose Maharajas’ Express and relax as the running palace takes you to various destinations like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and others.

A lot of people choose this train as a reminder to show other that they can afford to. But, it is a little more than just a show-off piece in an entertainment. The train is the whole point of entertainment. Here are a few pointers as to why you need to choose this train.

Royal Experience :-

mahraja express trainNo matter which Maharajas’ Express Journey you pick, you would become a royal heir in this train. You would enjoy the ultimate royal treatment with five-star hotel style service. You would be riding in rich and stylish cars with relaxed and luxurious environment.

Enjoying the Travel :-

maharajas express lounge and barThe worst part of any vacation is the travel that happens between two destinations. No matter which package you choose, there would be a lot of destinations in it. The only difference here is that you would love the travel. As a matter of fact, you would be longing for the travel in which you can enjoy spa treatments, drink and dine with your family or enjoy a relaxed evening in the lounge car as you gaze on the sceneries.

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Clear Itinerary :-

maharaja express cabinThe most important part of any Luxurious Train in India is its itinerary. Maharajas’ Express has a very clear and spacious itinerary that would make you to enjoy all tourist attractions with ease and also have enough time to enjoy your amenities and services inside the train. Since everything from entrance fee to traveling around inside the city is managed by the tour manager, stress is out of your itinerary.

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Comfortable :-

maharaja express deluxe cabinGiven the list of facilities on board, comfort in travel is guaranteed. Not all are comfortable in traveling. How about having all amenities and facilities that money can buy and can be possible on a moving train? Starting from services for disabled persons to butler; you would be under the best of service that you can ever experience. Apart from these, you can enjoy the internet, climate control, live TV, LCD screen, bar, library, electronic safe and a lot of others.

Individualization :-

maharaja express mayur mahal diningIt is not easy to find a vegetarian gluten free restaurant or a specific language speaking guide or special services for a disabled person in a country that you barely know. With the help of special request column in the booking form of Maharajas’ Express, you can request your special needs and they would make sure that you have them the moment you enter into the train.

Not Missing the Specials :-

Some special performances and tourist events would be included in the itinerary so that you would not miss them. It is not easy to keep a track of these events and it turns out in most cases, these events are the best parts of the vacation.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Maharajas Express Train India for your vacation. These are not exclusive ones. You would find your own reason within a few days into the trip.