Choosing the Best Materials for Award Plaques

Presenting plaques is a great way to appreciate and commemorate someone’s achievement or contribution to the society. Since it holds a very important meaning, paying attention to the materials of the award plaques is a must. The materials will give a huge effect to the overall design and also the durability of the award. To help you create the most memorable plaque, let’s find out some of the best materials for personalized award plaques.


Brass is a favorite choice for custom awards because its classic look makes this material perfect for any kind of design. Furthermore, it also can easily blend with its surroundings, make it a perfect decoration item. Brass is actually pretty durable and doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, this condition only applies for indoor setting. Brass is not the best material for outdoor plaques because the shine can easily fade in outdoor environment.


If you prefer to create personalized plaques that look modern and pretty, granite is the best answer. Granite is one of the most popular materials for plaques because it is very durable and also doesn’t need too much maintenance. Granite can even stand strong against weather, which makes it a perfect plaque material for both outdoor and indoor environment. Furthermore, granite is also very easy to maintain and clean. There is no need to purchase special cleaning solution because a clean cloth, warm water and mild soap will do. In addition, granite is also available in various colors, which make it appeals to more occasions.


When in doubt, just go with bronze. Whether it is perpetual plaques, commemorative plaques or award plaques, bronze is the safest material to choose. The reason why bronze is very popular is because it has the good quality of both brass and granite. Just like brass, bronze has a classic look that is suitable for various situations. However, unlike brass, bronze is easy to maintain and sturdy, just like granite. Bronze is the best material for outdoor environment because it is not easily tarnished. Even though bronze plaques are commonly found in public parks or other outdoor public area, it also makes a great small award plaque to be placed on the table or bookshelf.

The material is important, but it is not the only consideration. Don’t forget to pay attention to the messages written on the award, where it will be placed and also the purpose of the plaque. This way, you will be able to make the most beautiful custom plaques.