Camping Trip

Camping is one of the most popular vacation options for families for all kinds of reasons.

Whether you love spending time in the great outdoors with your loved ones or whether you just want to save money instead of staying in a hotel, camping is a fun vacation choice that is accessible to everyone.

However if you’d rather not rough it too much on your next camping trip, you might be looking for handy tips which will make take your camping vacation to a brand new level.

Here are four amazing things which are going to revolutionize your camping experience.

A Power Bank

Just because you’re vacationing in the big outdoors it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to enjoy some of the comforts of the modern world. Being able to charge up your mobile devices and smartphone is pretty important these days but it isn’t always possible to find an electricity hookup when you’re staying in a tent.

What you need is a power bank that can power your devices. While some are only powerful enough to last for one or two charges, there are now batteries out there which can store as much as 20,000 mAh of power – plenty to charge your device at least seven times!

A Multi functional Tool

Having a knife to hand is always helping on any camping trip, but what can make your vacation even simpler is investing in a multi functional tool that can get lots of jobs done in one handy package. There are multi-tools out there which can replace your whole toolkit in one fell swoop.

Even better than the ones which  feature tweezers, nail files and toothpicks, there are multi-tools which come with can and bottle openers, screwdrivers and mini-saws as well, helping you to get even more out of your camping trip. You should definitely put one of those into your equipment bag before you set off.

A Camping Stove

While it’s always nice to light up a campfire and toast some marshmallows at the end of a long day in the wilderness, it isn’t always a lot of fun to have to cook a whole meal on one. A camp stove can make a huge difference to the way you prepare and cook meals while you’re on your camping vacation. While there have been camp stoves around for a long time, you really need one which is light enough to carry and incredibly simple to use.

There are now clever options around which can use the fire’s thermal energy to power up your USB devices while also boiling up a whole quart of water in under 5 minutes! Even better, they often feature grills for an even more versatile cooking space that lets you prepare gourmet meals in minutes!

A Camping Fridge

Once you’ve sorted out your cooking space, its time to think about how you can keep your food cool and secure while you’re under canvas. While for years campers have been making do with cool boxes and some freezer packs, there are now much better options out there which are convenient and effective.

A camping fridge is the perfect solution to the food storage problem. As a secure option it keeps food away from pests and animals and it also keeps your milk and other perishable items cold and fresh ready to prepare and eat.

If you’ve never heard of the possibilities that a camping fridge can provide you with on your vacation you can find the benefits discussed on You can also find helpful advice that will help you to choose the right camping fridge to suit your needs on your next vacation.

You can see that today’s camping experience is a long way from the old school canvas tents! With all these handy gadgets that make the experience much more comfortable you’ll find that you don’t just have a cheap holiday but also a really satisfying and simple one. These four options are just some of the top camping gadgets out there these days and we’re sure that they will make all the difference to the amount of fun and enjoyment you get from your trip.