Anyone in the business circles will tell you, getting a client is the first step to staying in business. The real work is about maintaining your client base. Hence, to remain relevant, master how to build lasting relationships with your customers. What works for you? Add the following tips to cement your customer’s loyalty further: –

Set Your Standards Higher

What do your customers expect from you? What plans do you have in place to exceed these expectations? Indeed, your past performance should be your benchmark for offering better products and services. Today’s competitive market is evolving quite fast. Take advantage of the latest technologies to add value to your customers. Surprise them with solutions that they never thought existed.

Consistent, Effective Communication is Key

What communication tools do you use to stay in touch with your clients? Is it the trending mode, or are you still stuck in snail mail? Today, customers seek businesses that can listen to them through regular conversations. Ensure that there is a provision for such a discussion in your company. It must be effective and efficient.  Plus, customers value consistent services. Thus, let all staff replicate this communication style. For, your customers prefer the same excellent treatment in all your outlets. They will attribute it to the brand and not an individual.

Value Your Client’s Feedback

It is a fact. A disgruntled customer is more likely to come back with a negative review of your products and services, more than a satisfied customer. When this happens, be objective in handling the negative feedback. Use it as a learning point to improve your service offering. For, it is possible to turn such a customer into your brand ambassador.

Reward Your Customers for Their Loyalty

Amid competitors offering similar services, you need to acknowledge those customers that remain loyal to your brand. It could be through discounts, loyalty points, cash back plans, or access to premium services. Whatever reward scheme you choose it should add value to your customer. Make your customers feel like they are part of the decision making in your business. For example, run marketing campaigns using your loyal customer’s feedback. They can compete to come up with the best brand logo or motto. Or customize shirts and other company branded products for your loyal customers. Better still, you can invite your customers for free service clinics. Here, they get to appreciate your production process.

Make Use of Social Media

Yes. Social media is the in-thing for the 21st-century business owner. It is an affordable marketing tool that keeps you connected to your client base. Hence, engage your customers online through platforms like an active YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Update these avenues with the latest additions to your business. Plus, cross-sell, up-sell, entertain, and educate your customers on topics relevant to them.


Do you have a strong sales team but have high customer attrition? It is time to reevaluate your business processes. It could be that your business has too much bureaucracy that is costing you. Hence, come up with a customer relationship plan and plan to review it regularly.