Blogger Outreach


  • Are you looking to leap from your competitors with the help of Blogger Outreach?
  • Are you looking to try out new and innovative digital marketing strategies that will help you grow?
  • Do you want to increase your website traffic, build credibility and earn revenues, all at the same?
  • Have you ever thought of climbing up the search rankings and rank for your industry’s top keywords?

If you have thought about any of the above stated strategies then you have come to the right article. In this article, I will help you understand all about Blogger Outreach as a digital marketing strategy.

Blogger Outreach: Meaning and Definition

Blogger Outreach is a strategy in which a brand establishes relationships with the top industry authority bloggers in their niche. The next step involves requesting bloggers to publish your created content on their platforms.

From product reviews to notable mentions, sponsored posts and creating a network, blogger outreach helps brands in a number of ways.

If you are looking to execute a blogger outreach strategy, you need to pay attention to the following facts-

  • Only reach out to industry authority bloggers in your niche.
  • Write a personalized email explaining what you are looking for from the blogger.
  • Discuss the terms and conditions in details, including remunerations.
  • Create quality content, which the blogger’s audience finds value in.
  • Follow up with the blogger if there is any miscommunication.
  • Thank the blogger and be grateful for his online real estate space.

The key is to build relationships with industry authority voices for a long period. By establishing meaningful relationships, you can even get access to the blogger’s email database, his social platforms and other invaluable add-ons that can help you grow revenues.

Should you pursue Blogger Outreach manually or through an Agency Expert?

The best blogger outreach strategies are very difficult to execute manually. This is because bloggers are usually wary of working with first time advertisers/clients. It is always better to execute a blogger outreach strategy through agencies.

If you are planning to execute a strategy manually, you might run into some problems like-

  • Finding out an exact database of the bloggers and reaching out to them. This might sound easy, but trust me, it is a lot of work.
  • Negotiating with bloggers to bring the prices down and offer you something extra on the deal. (Like two do-follow links, social sharing, newsletter mentions and so on).
  • Following up with the blogger in case if any problem or confusion. Repeatedly emailing him or her or even messaging on social platforms.
  • Ensuring that the link stays is not removed and engaging in broken link building on the blogger’s site.

There might be other challenges like creating content that is specific to the blogger’s platform. It is because of these reasons that most brands take help from Blogger Outreach Service agencies.

The best agencies already have a database of all the top industry bloggers. Their lists and database run into thousands of bloggers. As they have already struck up a relationship with them, you can be rest assured of the deliverables. I have personally found that working with professional agencies is easy, cost-efficient and guarantees ROIs.

The Top Benefits of Blogger Outreach for your Brand

According to digital marketing experts, blogger outreach is one of the highest rated digital marketing strategies. Let us now look at some of the top benefits of blogger outreach-

#1. Increase in Website Traffic-

A blogger commands a readership of thousands of targeted users every month. This means that the audience you are targeting already listens to the blogger and gets influences about your industry products.

If you are able to strike a professional deal, your content along with your backlink can be placed on the blogger’s platform. This will help people follow the link and reach your website. We all know that website traffic is the foundation of anything digital.

No other digital strategy delivers as immediate traffic flows as blogger outreach does. This has a positive effect on all other metrics of your site.

#2. Run an Effective Lead Generation Campaign and Improve Revenues-

The form of content in a blogger outreach strategy can be numerous. For example, you can ask an authority blogger to review your product. If the blogger states that the product is nice, helpful and affordable, many users are going to be influenced by that.

You can ask the blogger to place a link that connects directly to your website’s Landing Page or e-Commerce store. In this way, people who are influenced by the blogger’s review of the product can visit your website and end up buying your product.

In this way, you can lead an effective lead gen campaign through blogger outreach. Brands use this specifically when they are launching new products or services.

#3. Improves the Metrics and Health of the Brand Website-

Link building is a crucial component of any blogger outreach strategy. Google counts quality backlinks as one of the top three ranking factors. The more backlinks your brand has, the better are the chances to rank for specific keywords.

However, it is important that you are only building backlinks from industry authority sites and not spammy websites. This is because Google comes down heavily on any spammy link building practices.

Building quality backlinks improves metrics, climb the search rankings and converts the website into a high performing one.

#4. Establishes Credibility and builds trust for the brand-

If the best bloggers in the industry are vouching for your brand and its products, you can be rest assured that it will build your credibility. Influencers and blogger command a massive influence in their respective industry communities and forums.

The more credible and trustworthy your brand, the better will be the brand awareness. This is something that will help build your brand overtime. The more people that come to know about your brand, the better will be your reputation and your sales.

Pursuing blogger outreach also helps in networking with some of the top voices in the industry. It is always good to maintain contact and communication with people who command influence.


In recent years, more and more brands are trying to pursue a blogger outreach strategy. Even though they know the benefits of a successful blogger outreach strategy, they still lack the expertise to execute the strategy.

I always suggest brands to take help from expert agencies that offer blogger outreach service. This streamlines the process and you skip the ‘setting-up’ part of the exercise. In other words, you just start seeing results immediately.

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