Class 9 is that year in students life where they can study in their comfort zone. Many new topics will be introduced, which will be the basis for Class 10, especially in Maths. Hence, it is a crucial stage to improve oneself to be able to understand the concepts and also to score well. Students can improve themselves only when they put efforts to do so. If you are someone who is looking for ways to improve your Maths, this article will help you as we have listed down important strategies to help the students. Adapt these ways in your preparation to improve yourself in Maths.

Start with the chapters that you have some understanding about. Do not start with the difficult ones as this can affect your confidence level. Keeping yourself at a good pace in your preparation is important. You do not want to stop studying in just a couple of days because of one difficult chapter or topic. Hence, start with the topics you are familiar with and refer NCERT books, which are the best and most sought after books for CBSE curriculum. Make a proper timetable considering the entire syllabus. You must not make sure you study the entire syllabus. Clear your doubts whenever you encounter them. Procrastinating in this matter will only make it worse in the end. Take the help of your teachers, classmates or seniors when required.

Prepare notes on the challenging and important topics so that you have your revision material handy. Ensure that you include NCERT exercise problems too so that you do not miss out on the various types of questions. You can refer to NCERT solutions for class 9 Maths which is available over many websites and prepare detailed notes. Also, you must maintain a separate section for formulas so that you do not get confused or carried away with the derivation of it in the time of revision. Make sure to revise every topic and chapter once you finish studying them so that you won’t easily forget them. It is suggested that you revise all the formulas at least once in two days.

The practice is a must. Studying and revision are not enough when you are aiming to score good marks. You must test your knowledge, know your weak areas, re-work on them to your way to perfection. You can do this only by solving question papers. Solve at least five to seven previous year question papers. This will also help you in improving your speed, knowing the important and repeated question over the years so that you do not miss or skip them in your studies. Keep timer if it is necessary and track your speed. Try to solve every question within the limited time without compromising on speed and accuracy.

Consistency is the key. You must be regular with your studies. Studying for a couple of days and taking a break for the next five days is not advisable. Spend at least an hour studying Maths every day. This will indeed improve your problem-solving skills. Be regular in your home works and follow what has been taught in the class. Maths is a sequential subject and hence do not take a chance of missing any class. You can make use of technology as many Ed-Tech companies help students. For instance, Vedantu, a leading online tutoring website provide necessary study materials for the students. Enjoy your studies and be focused on improving your knowledge. Stay away from every kind of distractions and naysayers. Keep yourself motivated daily, be determined to work hard, follow the above-given strategies with determination and you sure will improve your score in Maths.

All the best!!