teamviewer guide

A team viewer alternative is a great option for anyone who wants to create groups and work together. There are several things that you need when you are using a team-building program like this, and they are listed below. You need to consider what your team does, what your security concerns are, and how you can keep your staff happy. People that you have hired at a distance may have security concerns that you can address when you are using the right program.

The Use Of Data Centers

A Teamviewer alternative will still use data centers to protect all your information. The data center uses the most advanced security technology, and you can access your own information with no trouble.

You are sent alerts if there are any hacking attacks against your data, and you can use as much space as you need. You are not limited in how much space you can use, and the security protocols do not change no matter how much storage space you have used.

Code Signing

Code is signed using the VeriSign protocol that shows the author of any new code. Because the system requires a signature, you know who has tried to edit your code without your knowledge. You can easily read through the logs, and you will see any names that you do not recognize. You also need to make sure that you create usernames for all your new staff members so there is no confusion.

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Encrypted Traffic

All traffic in the system is encrypted. Someone who is trying to intercept your communications would need to decode the information before they read it. The encryption changes all the time, and a hacker simply does not have time to break the code for this encryption.

Every time a new technique comes out, the security protocols are changed. You will not be caught off-guard by a hacker who is using a new type of code-breaking technology.

Verified IDs

All user IDs are verified before they are let into the system. You can see who has signed into the system, and you can remove people from your team at any time. This means that you will not have rogue agents signing into your programming to get information. The IDs that are not verified are kicked out of the system, and you are sent a report that explains any and all IDs that could not be verified.

Protection From Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks are used to log into a system using a series of passwords that could allow access. Because you cannot control the system manually, you need brute force protection. The system has a long latency period between logins. If a hacker is trying to get into your system, they will need to wait hours upon hours to try again. The latency period gets longer and longer until the password is used correctly. You get a report on which user ID has used the wrong password, and you may need to shut down that user ID and issue a new one.


The platform that you use to work with your staff should provide you with all the security protocols that are listed above. You need to know that people cannot intercept your traffic, and you need to see a signature on all code that is produced. The latency period is very long so that brute force attacks do not work, and all IDs are verified so that you know you are safe. The biggest concern in the business world is stolen information, and you can protect your information using the proper teamwork platform.