The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications technology is already here and its influence is being felt in a number of industries. 5G was first announced in 2016 and the global rollout began three years later.

In the present day, the benefits are really starting to filter through and one area to enjoy significant advantages is that of gaming. Whenever a new generation of tech comes along, enhanced speeds are guaranteed to get industries excited but there is so much more to 5G than the sheer pace of connectivity.

All Round Improvements

As an all-round package, 5G certainly meets the demands of its users in more ways than one. It’s not all about speed but the pace of the new generation has to be mentioned. At peak speed, it is said to be 20 times faster than its predecessor and that leads to obvious advantages in terms of downloads and action.

Ericsson also claim that users can download up to 10 games before 4G could even deliver the first title. The boosts in speed are, therefore, undeniable.

Serious gamers should also notice the low latency that comes with the new 5G package. Under the former 4G set up, latency was generally set at 20 milliseconds but that has now dropped to 5 milliseconds. That’s a significant drop, percentage-wise and it’s one that should be clear to those who take their gaming seriously.

Lower latency should help the most experienced gamers to react more quickly to crucial situations. In a game such as League of Legends, this could literally make the difference between life and death.

Set to Benefit

A number of sectors are set to benefit from the new developments associated with 5G. The most obvious of these is the wider gaming industry who produce familiar eSports titles including Fortnite, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Casino games developers will have undoubtedly assessed the new developments regarding the fifth generation and they will also be looking to strike. It’s not the most obvious sector of the gaming industry but it’s one that harnesses all new technologies in order to produce exciting new titles across the schedules.

Operators such as this regulated casino, where online gambling is legal in multiple states, are adding new games to their lists on a regular basis. Many slot machines have complex bonus rounds and additional features which draw comparisons to arcade games.

Over at the card and roulette tables, new technology has also helped, particularly with the phenomenon of live casinos. Here, players are taken to live tables with dealers and croupiers who deal cards and spin wheels in real time. The improvements that 5G will bring, particularly with speed and low latency, will be appreciated across all online casinos.

An Overdue Breakthrough

Virtual reality has been cited as the ‘next big thing’ in gaming for some time now. VR does exist in the present day but issues with unwieldy equipment, plus cost and speed are among those which are holding it back. Step forward 5G with the potential to bring this overdue development into the wider gaming sphere.

Once again, it’s that speed and low latency which should hold the key to Virtual Reality becoming more widely adopted in the months and years to come. Much of the processing can now live in the cloud and, because of this, VR headsets can be supplied without cords. Games will have a higher resolution and there would be no lag attached to the graphics. 

Serious gamers who still have their doubts should check out the Instagram page of a certain Mari Takashashi. Known as AtomicMari, we’re talking about gaming royalty here and she seemingly can’t speak highly enough about 5G and it’s potential for VR. With two million followers across her social media channels, there’s a big audience who don’t have to just take our word for it.

5G is also set to break new ground in terms of augmented reality. For the same reasons that it will revolutionize the gaming industry as a whole, the fifth generation technology can boost developments within AR. Speed and low latency have the power for producers to release more immersive content than ever before.

New Frontiers

There have been discussions regarding 5G’s impact on the gaming industry for some time and one of the most anticipated developments involves its own subscription service. Hatch allows players to access a whole new range of titles from the cloud. That development has also spawned a set of competitors all of whom are ready to take advantage of fifth generation technology.

Along with the demand for more speed, less lag and greater clarity, the main thing that all gamers want is a wider choice. The key here is that the cloud holds more of the processing system and companies have been quick to take advantage. Players will always have their favourites and will stay loyal to certain titles but it’s always nice to have some extra games to choose from.

Some of the developments within gaming will be subtle as 5G continues to roll out. Others, meanwhile, will be revolutionizing. Not only will games be quicker, the arrival of the fifth generation could finally bring the world of virtual reality into the wider sphere. That’s great news for developers and it all contributes to an improved package that every single gamer can look forward to in the months ahead.