Paying Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile devices become more and more popular among Internet users. Today the number of mobile owners exceeds the number of PC owners. This is the main reason for the increasing popularity of mobile advertising. More and more specific advert networks are created.

The best mobile app ad networks

It is quite hard to find a reliable network, which can satisfy all the requirements of the users. In this article, we are going to observe several mobile app ad networks, which are on the top today:


This platform is owned by Google and considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy. AdMob is a predominant leader of what concerns the mobile advertising space. The network is characterized by the perfection of functionality and ease of application. It is really simple to integrate your adverts in the applications. Besides, it is a nice choice for beginners in mobile advertising sphere. Moreover, advertising is less aggressive in comparison with other existing networks. At the same time, the profit from this platform is claimed to be comparatively low. That’s why those, who are experienced in mobile advertising and looking for better revenues, can try the other platforms, which we will observe below.


This platform is known for a specific way of targeting. The option is called appographic targeting, which provides increased opportunities to connect the visitors to a definite kind of media or application, which they are likely to purchase. The system is based on the applications, which are or were installed by the users, in comparison with other systems, which are based on the demographic features and other traditional metrics.

This platform works with a great number of advert types. Besides, is a designer of display-to-search advert format. The latest is one of the productive methods of monetizing display adverts by means of identification of the visitors’ search intention and display of the corresponding search keywords, which lead to a display of search adverts purchased by the advertisers on a CPC pricing model. As a result, conversion rates become really high. Besides, there’s no necessity to pay for a thousand impressions, in the case of which there are risks paying without engaging the users. Let’s consider a few more advantages of the platform described:

  • Competitive CPMs. There’s a high demand for mobile for search. Besides, it keeps increasing in comparison with conventional display demand, which is limited.
  • Mobile adverts are responsive and supported by iOS & Android. Thus, it is possible to monetize every impression on any gadget.
  • The adverts are always in the viewable space (even with a popular infinite-scroll system).
  • Native experience. It is reached by means of customization of the units, which blend with the environment and layout of the website.

This platform provides the best opportunities for traffic monetization offering nice native adverts and a wide base of publishers. There are many different models offered, so it is possible to start a campaign at any option. Besides, here a wide range of targeting options is provided, so you can reach exactly the audience you desire. There is also a special tool with the stats, which allows monitoring your success in real time.


The app advertising network is a perfect choice for big revenues. Thanks to the “Dynamic Demand” platform, it’s able to maximize the profit for the publishers. There are almost 400 demand partners, while the network’s free to integrate.

Millennial Media

Here the developers may find plenty of options for the monetization of their applications. The platform provides promising revenues and a great number of ad formats. They offer a mobile-focused exchange for both advertisers and publishers with the programmatic system of real-time bidding.


The platform allows both cross-promotion & mobile-only adverts. They cooperate with the most prominent developers, such as Rovio. The platform is considered the most productive for game developers. Chartboost network’s transparent & data-driven.