Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone

Discover the best Manga Reader Apps for both beginners and pros, on Android and iOS.

Comics have played a very significant role in creating beautiful memories of childhood for generations. However, generations have changed and so has technology. Science has gone way too far to save the plants by converting paperback comics to virtual and digital ones. Some other comics have remained at the top of the streaming sites, for all generations including kids to adults. Manga and comics are one such category of comic that caters to all ages of people and entertain them with their choice of contents.

In this article, we will discuss a brief on what Manga Apps are and the 10 best Manga reader Apps for Android and iPhone sets available in the market.

About Manga:

Manga is a very famous Japanese string of comics, enjoyed by most comic lovers around the world. Different comics like Fist of the North Star, One Piece, Naruto, Akira, DragonBallZ- these are world-famous. Characters like Kenshin, Atom Eve, Nami, Buffy, Scarlett, and Baroness are the readers’ favorite from all generations. There are different genres of Manga comics as well; comedy, horror, action, love romance, fantasy, adult, erotic, and many more to cover here to fulfill the reader’s different moods.

About Manga Reader Apps: 

Manga Reader Apps are the application software where the users can enjoy their favorite Manga. These are apps that are compatible with different devices; downloading can help the Manga readers open, search, steam, or download and enjoy their favorite Manga and comics. There are different apps for different devices; like for OS Windows and Mac, there are different apps to watch and enjoy Manga and comics; for Android and iPhones, there are different apps. Most importantly, these apps are user-friendly as they are free of cost.

There are many of them which cater to the viewers with Manga and comics online. In this particular article, we will discuss elaborately the 10 best Manga Reader Apps for Android and iPhones.

Top 10 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone:

VIZ Manga: Free Application for Manga Reading

VIZ Manga comes with a digital catalog that includes the reader’s full access to the whole directory of Manga- from vintage classics like Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Knight to the latest trending comics like Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Next Generation, and more. All the users express utter satisfaction by using these sites as their favorite place to search Manga and read peacefully- either by streaming or by downloading.

VIZ Manga Pros:

  • It is constantly updating.
  • It caters to the whole directory of Manga Series.
  • Always entertaining and keep the users hooked up with exciting and new content.
  • It has an in-built vast library of Manga and comics.
  • Comics are divided into different categories to make the user’s search easier.
  • There is a download option as well that allows the readers to download the comic and read offline according to their time.
  • The app also allows the readers to read free previews of volumes of comics, falling under the paid option.
  • These are free and the apps also provide free in-purchase.

VIZ Manga Cons: 

  1. The users complain that the features of the app are not regular.
  2. Sometimes the aptness of the app varies according to the device the person is using.
  3. It needs more modification in its interface part.
  4. All the content here is not free, some of them fall under premium plans.

CrunchyRoll Manga: Greatest App for Manga Reading

CrunchyRoll Manga is the most outstanding site to search and find Manga series and gain the best Manga reading experience online. There is a reason behind it. Crunchyroll Manga is the official Manga app where, one can enjoy the Manga streaming directly from its motherland, Japan. This helps to keep the Manga users up to date with the latest releasing Manga contents right at the moment they are launched into the Japanese newsstands.


  1. This is the official Manga comic reading site, directly streaming from Japan.
  2. All latest episodes of all the comics are exclusively available here, at the first hand.
  3. It has a very neat and clean customization tool list.
  4. The premium model of this app is very much basic.
  5. All the readers need is to get a premium membership to get the whole comics of the premium quality and to get life-long free reading access.
  6. In-app purchase is available in this app.
  7. The contents are all of HD quality.


  1. Although the app is free, the premium section needs registration and subscription to have access.
  2. Also, access to this site is very much restricted; there are many countries where these sites and the content of these sites are unavailable.


If one has to pick the ‘full-fledged featured Manga app for Android’, ComicRack is the perfect app to name. The best part of this app that makes it the best amongst all is its higher quality listening and reading experience. The setting is also very user-friendly. It differentiates the comics in every user’s app differently under different states like completed, unread, started, and bookmarks. It also tries the best to find out the content that the users might like and love. Hence, for every user, there is a unique suggestion.


  1. Full-featured Manga app for Android.
  2. It provides the users better reading experience
  3. It tunes the color of the screen with the choice of the comic and sensing the light.
  4. Categorize the comics according to their state in the reader’s account to help them keep a track of their reading activities.
  5. It has the exclusive ability to support CB7, CBZ, CBR, DJVU, PDF, and Webcomics while the Windows version of the app is used.
  6. There is some cool exclusive wallpaper as well.
  7. It has Twitter integration as well.


  • It is not free of cost.
  • The app costs $8.
  • It is a very good app for Manga readers on Android phones.
  • This app is limited to iPad and not iPhones which is a big disappointment for the users.

INKR Comics: Good manga reader app

INKR Comics is the most recent app that has become a sensation in the last year since the pandemic hit. It has been the brainchild creation of the most popular scanlation Manga comic app Manga Rock. It was a long history- to hit the target audience and cater the Manga comic, the revenue has been split into two halves- publishers and content creators.


  • It is a very popular and very recent Manga comic catering app, it was created in 2020.
  • Different categories of Manga have been available here- action, romance, comedy, love, erotic, drama, horror, isekai, sci-fi, and many more.
  • The site also provides personalized recommendations of comics as well.
  • The app is a very advanced one; if the user changes the device, it stores all the read and accessed comics by the user in the previous device. Hence, the user can keep track of their reading habits.
  • It auto-syncs data from the user device to the new one so that the reader does not lose track of their reading.
  • It is both compatible with Android and iOS.


  • There is no such drawback of this app.
  • As the app got popular in a very small period and also launched on short notice, it needs some background finish to make it more apt.


MangaToon is specifically for the ones who want to enjoy the comics in their dimensions- creating a background, they would like. Some of the features of this site are very good and as follows, along with some loopholes-


  • Here, colorful Manga and comics are available.
  • It has a huge collection of Manga.
  • The collection includes varieties of categories of comics including-horror, including love, romance, action, and more.
  • The app updates its content regularly.
  • The user can make their list of collections of comics they like to read and enjoy here.
  • There are options of free comic books and downloads as well.
  • This is a completely ad-free site.
  • Here, one can write their own Manga stories and share.
  • This app is a multi-lingual platform. Comics are available here in different languages like Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, English, Thai, and many more.
  • It is both available in Android and iOS systems.


  • The updated versions of MangaToon are getting worse.
  • Enhancing ads are too distracting for the users.
  • Some games are not downloading.
  • The latest version does not allow the users to go back to the feedback version of it.

Manga Dogs:

This is one of the topmost Manga apps for both Android and iOS.


  • Huge library and collection of  Manga comics, the news says it has more contents than the  top 20 Manga comic catering sites
  • Manga Dogs offers recommendations to the user as per their choice of comics.
  • The most important part is it sends the user a notification every time their favorite books or comics are updated.
  • A huge number of customization is available for this comic.
  • Manga Dogs is free for Android and iOS.


  • The users say this app suddenly crashes and their entire favorite Manga comic is deleted from the archive.
  • A lot of ads are added in here now, making the site slow.
  • There has been a system error that the readers complain that has not been acknowledged.

Manga Reader:

It is one of the most essential and active Manga comic catering sites to their beloved readers, for a long period. It has remained popular for the following pros of the website-


  • It is a one-stop place for all Manga readers.
  • The library of this Manga comic site has more content than the top 30 resources catering to Manga comics for ages.
  • There is the availability of smart filters as well to easily find the desired comic books.
  •  Also, there are recommendations as well for the readers according to their choice of readings.
  • Here, the user can download 5 Manga comics simultaneously- to get advanced in their offline reading.


  1. The comics have more details than the animes.
  2. The updates of the apps are not as alluring as it was at the time of its launch.

Manga Monster:

It is not a very popular Manga site, as it is not enriched with most of the features that make Manga comic sites famous. However, some of its features are appreciable and attractive.


  1. There are more than 24000 Manga comics in it.
  2. It is updated regularly; hence the users will have access to the latest editions all the time.
  3. It has a clear interface that is very much user-friendly.
  4. Once being connected, the app would be easy to handle for the users.
  5. As the software does not contain a high volume, it is swifter while running.
  6. It is free of cost.


  1. This app is particularly for only iOS and not Android.
  2. The update makes it a little sloppy.

Mange Box:

This Manga comic site is another popular one for those who are not just into reading, but good Manga readers.


  1. It provides the best quality of Manga from the best Japanese writers.
  2. It updates the library regularly.
  3. Different categories of Manga are available here.
  4. It has a hassle-free interface; also the catering tools are easy to handle.


  1. This site is a little light on customization.

Online Manga Reader: New Manga Read App

It is another reliable Manga reading app with several salient features.-


  1. Continuously updating the library.
  2. Exclusive feature: reading comics with suitable music.


  1. If the internet is down, this app does not work at all.
  2. It is only accessible on Android.

Above are the 10 best Manga apps to enjoy Manga and comics hassle-free on Android and iPhone.