Link Building Guides

SEO over the years has changed a lot but link building is still one of the ideal ways to improve the search ranking and get more traffic towards the website. With the correct link building tactics you can definitely see a boost in the website traffic thus making a difference to the business. But the changing algorithms have really made a big impact on how link building should be done. After Penguin and other updates, link building is now more about natural linking. If you are able to create natural links for your website, it will surely be helpful.

Link building is also a task of expertise as you cannot use any link building tactic to get traffic. Even Google is very particular about the kind of techniques you adopt to build links. In the recent time Google is giving more attention to quality and natural linking, if you are able to do the same your website will surely move to the top.

Why Link Building is necessary?

Link building is like building a network of connections for your website. Each link you acquire from another website is a virtual handshake, a vote of confidence from one site to another. Search engines, like discerning party guests, take note of these links. They see them as recommendations and signals of trust. The more high-quality, relevant links you have, the higher your website climbs in search engine rankings. It’s like being the center of attention at the party—everyone wants to be around you!

But why is link building necessary? Well, think of it as a popularity contest. The more links you have, the more popular you become in the eyes of search engines. This popularity translates into increased visibility, organic traffic, and a higher chance of being discovered by users searching for related content. It’s like being the talk of the town, where everyone wants to be seen with you!

Though the number of links may be less but quality is crucial as it is the only way to bring your website to the top pages of search engine.

Natural vs paid linking

Most of the business owners feel that paid link building is better as it gives quick outcomes but this is not true. Paid link building may give you quick outcomes but if you are looking for long term benefits you will have to go for natural link building. Creating links is a tough task and more importantly getting the backlinks is even tougher. You need to have patience and keep building links only then the results are possible.

In the current scenario, natural way of linking to your site is not only effective but result oriented as well. For example, if you have created 20 natural links vs 40 paid links, the website with 20 natural links will be at a higher position than the later one. It is because of the simple reason that Google loves natural links no matter how less they are. On the other hand paid linking offers short term results which are of no use.

In short you can say that link building strategy combined with good content and correct keywords can prove helpful. If you are able to frame your strategy in the right way, there is no doubt that you will be able to create higher authority links for your website which will certainly improve the rank of your website.

Link building can do wonders for your business but requires little guidance for the same. In this article we will not focus on the tips of link building but the resources from where you can learn how to build natural links that comply with Google’s guidelines. So let us take a quick look on the top resources which can prove valuable in link building.

#1. Link Building Strategies That Work Right now 

This is one of the best sources from where you can learn a lot about link building, how it should be done, what advice you should follow and lots more. It is a complete guide by Matthew Barby which gives you an excellent insight into the link building. It covers everything you are looking for thus proving to be a useful resource that helps you to create power link strategies. If you are a beginner you will surely find his guide helpful as it gives you step by step information to you.

So if you wish to get started with SEO, link building is the key with Mathew’s guide you can certainly get the right knowledge you had been looking for. You will definitely find it worth the effort and best suited for every beginner and all types of business.

#2. Quick Sprout – Advanced Guide to Link Building 

Quick Sprout presents yet another superb link building guide ideal for people who wish to master the art of link building. If you have a basic knowledge of link building then this guide can surely make the difference as it gives you updates on how links can be created using newer approaches. This guide comes from Neil Patel and is the answer to all your link building related questions. If your website is not doing well or is suffering from the after effects of Penguin update, this resource will definitely prove worth reading.

The best thing about this source is that it is genuine and offers correct assistance you have been looking for. If you wish to know about the places from where you can get natural backlinks, Quick Sprout is surely the right option for you.

#3. Point Black SEO – Complete List Of Link Building Tactics 

This is a guide from Jon Cooper which is your ultimate source of destination for any kind of information related to link building. The guide covers a variety of topics on how to create links, which links will be helpful for your website, what is the value of the links, what is the importance of quality backlinks etc. Thus you can say that it is the right guide which tells you all about building links and that too in an easy way. So even beginners find the information to be purposeful and definitely achievable.

As a beginner this guide will make a difference to your knowledge, ways to create backlinks and how to set your business apart from the others by choosing the apt link building strategies.

#4. 9 Easy Ways To Build Links 

This is the source which helps you to learn how to create links and what are the tips that you should keep in mind. Jason Acidre brings before you the most valuable link building strategies that will work for your website. If you are tired of trying everything and your business is not getting enough traffic, this is the resource that will surely come your way. With its help you not only get the basic information but can take the knowledge to the next level as all tactics covered are worth executing.

Once you put these tactics in practice you will surely feel the difference as your website will move high in the search engines. So why not get used to this guide quickly for complete information.

#5. The Link Opportunities Beyond Bloggers 

This guide is meant for professionals who need to know about getting backlinks using the different sources. In order to get quality links you first have to decide the sources to which you will link thus this guide can definitely help you in this concern. As the name of the guide, this is an opportunity for the SEO professionals to know about the current link building tactics and in what ways can they be useful to the website and the business on the whole.

This guide is compiled by James Agate and is one of the top sources to rely on complete knowledge on link building.

#6. The Broken Link Building Bible

Broken links on your website can help you to bring down the rank of your website therefore it is very necessary to repair them and make sure the links work properly. This broken link building bible gives you information about how you can find out the broken links on your website, how to correct them and lots more. For a healthy and optimised site, it is very essential that all links work properly and this guide is definitely the answer to all your questions.

So with the help of this guide you will surely be able to correct the links, match them to the desired content and get high quality backlinks which automatically improve the ranking of your website.

#7. Ultimate Series by Eric Ward

This is a complete SEO guide for people who want to know everything about search engine optimisation of website from link building to on-page, off-page, content marketing, SEO tools etc. With the help of this series you can easily get to know how SEO is done and that too following the new Google’s algorithms. It covers a number of different topics, case studies, interviews of the experts which help you to gain more on SEO and how it can prove beneficial to you.

There is no such area which is not covered in this series and that is why it is one of the ideal sources for learning SEO and link building. So if you are looking for one complete resource your search ends with this wonderful and effective series.

#8. 17 Untapped Backlinks Sources

Another very useful guide for the SEO professionals is the one from Brian Dean which talks about how you can create more backlinks and maximise your revenue. Everybody knows that traffic is what leads to sales and in order to get the same you need to create backlinks. The right technique can fetch you quality and natural links that is why it becomes all the more important to have complete understanding about how links need to be created and what impact can it have on the position of the website.

These 17 tactics of link building can definitely prove to be a stepping stone of success for your website and prove highly beneficial for long term benefits.

#9. SEO Book – 101 Ways To Build Link Popularity 

As the name indicates, this is the book by Aaaron Wall which covers 101 different ways to create backlinks. The best thing about his posts is that there are different categories under which the various kinds of link building strategies are covered. This proves helpful for the learners as they can go into any category and learn the ways to link popularity. Some of the popular categories that you will come across are easy free links, social bookmarking, directory submission, link trading, business link and much more.

In short you can say that this book proves to be a wonderful source of information and helps people to get used to the new and advanced ways of link building that guarantee results.

#10. Backlinko – Link Building Guide 

Another very informational tutorial that you will come across over the internet is the Backlinko. As the name, it covers the various aspects of SEO like content marketing, ways to overcome penguin affected websites, panda updates, advance link building practices, guest posting and lots more. If you want to learn SEO then this can prove to be the right source of information as everything is simple and clear to understand.

Apart from being a guide it also talks about the useful tips related to SEO that you can try. From the basics of link building to advance techniques you have everything that makes this tutorial the most suited option for you? So why not rely on this useful tutorial cum guide.

#11. Hobo Internet Marketing – Free Link Building Tools 

Link building is a difficult task as it requires the right selection of the website and the keyword to be matched. Once you have the understanding of the same it will be easy to create useful backlinks that cater to the needs of your business. Hobo Internet marketing by Shaun Anderson is surely the guide where you get the answers to all your questions. If you have related questions regarding link building in your mind you can find the answer here.

This guide discusses everything you wish to know about link building, answers to your questions, free tips and tricks, link building techniques and lots more.

Lets Conclude: 

So this is the top list of the link building resources that you can use to achieve the top ranking on the search engines. Through these different guides and tutorials you can gather more information about how to build links, which links are useful, which link strategies work for you etc. The guide is a complete book for you that can make a difference to how you build links for your website. If you wish to get more links and stay ahead in competition then such tutorials can surely make the difference.

Being a freelance SEO consultant, I totally understand how link building has become a crucial aspect of SEO, you need to follow a unique approach to be ahead of the game. This is possible if you have the right information about the creative ways of building links. So rather than exploring the internet and find all sorts of confusing information it would be great if you can take the help of these simple guides which teach you everything you wish to know about link building.

If you have any questions in your mind or wish to add anything to this post, you are free to give your feedback to me. Hope you find the post to be useful and worth sharing with your people.