SEO Tools For Content Marketing

First talk about content before its marketing. From the old day you heard that content is king. But fresh and unique content that easily understand by readers is king. Focus on content first than its marketing. If your content is not good then your marketing will not work properly. Contribute Post in related guest blogging sites that help you to get more targeted viewers.

Below SEO tools helps you to do marketing effectively; they easily do half work for you, so you can get more time for your business. These great content marketing platform tools enable to take your marketing to the next level.

Google Trends

Google Trends is most important and flexible tools available for marketing. Best thing it’s totally free. It is the marketing equivalent of the Swiss Army knife or Butter. Google Trends is endless, but here is a quick step by step guide to using it to benefit your business. By using only this tool properly you can win the game.

You can watch your competitors’ work also with this tool, as well as your own popularity. This tool provides lots of features like you can choose specific year, group, work type and country. If you work for any specific country than its most useful.


Buzz sumo case study says “Find The Most Shared Content Influential Authors”. BuzzSumo tool has ability to turn up the most shared content on any topic you choose. It’s a paid tool when you buy then only you can use it unlimited.

This tool is different from other because when you search any particular product then results also contain influencers who commonly tweet and share links related to the keyword not only influencers.

BuzzSumo contains the various type of filters like category and content type with your chosen date. It also shows the Page Authority and Page Rank for the URLs belonging to these influencers which save your time.


PRNEWS.IO is fully automated to publish your business posts, press news via your dedicated pressroom. By leveraging on the search engine optimization (SEO) of PRNEWS.IO, your posts and press release will find its way to the news feeds of multiple media sites.

With the easy to use features, you can easily create a sponsored automated content and get it published on the user-friendly website for a fixed fee, and watch as it gets instantly distributed to the newsfeeds of your selected audience via high traffic blogs and sites.

Its customer support service also ensures that queries are handled efficiently and in real-time.

Posting and distribution of publications are quite simpler and faster on PRNEWS.IO given its’ simple and straightforward process and procedure to open an account and get your post share to the outside world.

Scoopit is known as content marketing curating software. That means you can use this software as content finder and submit your content for marketing. It helps to study your content marketing efforts and keep track of your KPIS on a regular basis.

Also use tool to prepare and schedule the messages on all your social media channels. Make your plan and this tool delivers Ninja type marketing for content.

Feedly – Alternative to Google Reader

A tool to collect, organizes, read, and shares all your favorite content at one place. After collecting all information, you can share your content as per choice.

You can view writing topics of your industry people. Select the blogs, publications and topics you’re interested in and monitor them to get content ideas.

Create your keyword alert which helps to find content that matters you most.


nTopic is one of the SEO tools that analyzes your text for current relevancy in relation to selected keywords, helping you create content that is more appealing to search engines.

Through this tool you can improve your existing work, exclude off topic words and discover related searches. It shows information in graph format also that helps to understand better.

nTopic tool helps you to add and remove keywords to boost your content relevancy.


ClearVoice brings the branding, content creation, and publishing together in one place. In Ecosystem of Clearvoice top brands, leading publishers and subject experts are connected through proven, scalable processes.

Companies can easily plan, recruit, create, distribute and measure all within a single platform called ClearVoice. Its content studio helps brands find writers, analyze competitors and check content you publish is engaging, relevant and feasible.


Are you struggling to increase your content plan due to a lack of quality content? Curata – Best Solution.

Two types content marketing solutions:

It helps brands to discover the best content with a self-learning engine, organize and change this content with just a few clicks, and then distribute and promote this content. You don’t need to create your own material every time.

It delivers data driven insights to analyze marketing and sales pipeline impact that helps you to know which content get more coins. So you can create your action plan for new content.


Perfect place to discover trending news and latest updates from all over the world for any topics. Gives you idea about what’s going on right now.

Monitor which headlines are more effective on Reddit can bring insights to the subject of your next content. Share your content or information and you will get more response than any other place.


ExpressVPN is an encryption tool that is typically used to protect online privacy and security. However, this is accomplished through changing or hiding your IP address.

When it comes to SEO, agencies are often not in the regions where they are trying to tailor the optimization for. Hence, they cannot gain a first-hand view of their efforts which can be frustrating in a result-driven business like search engine optimization.

Hence, an agency should use make use of premium VPN services like ExpressVPN which has thousands of VPN servers spread across 94 countries and 148 locations. This would allow SEO agencies to monitor SERPs in their chosen area when optimizing for regional traffic.

Wrapping Up

Hope this list will help you to boost your marketing campaign. With right content curation tools, you can save valuable time off your content promotion process.

Above mention tools helps you to reach your target audience and let them impress to share it easily. Choose the tools as per your needs and budget.

Share your experience with these tools. Have another suggestion besides the tools listed above? Let us know in comment section.