Indoor Game

Besides playing outside or playing on mobile, there must be some indoor games that kids can play in their room in some dedicated children play area. There are many children play area where you can take your kids and make themselves to show some creativity and fun. Here we have selected some best indoor games that kids can play in a dedicated place.

Best Kids Indoor Games:


10-15 people form a circle. Start with the next question to the right, “Is Mrs. Mabu at home?” He must answer, “I don’t know, I want to ask the neighbors.” He asked the neighbors the same questions and got the same answers. Participants were happy to read these words. It must be said without revealing his teeth, that is, biting his lips.


For games you need 5 or more people. The program manager issues commands. When he says: Robbie says … (does something), the rest execute the order. If the host simply speaks the command (and does), it is not necessary to execute the command. Whoever makes a mistake leaves the game. These commands can be: close your eyes, raise your hands, lower your hands, jump up, harvest, etc. The last person wins.


A children’s play on the theme “Jesus is the Good Shepherd”. The most important idea: The Lord always knows where we are and can always find us as a good shepherd. 5-50 people play. A person will leave the room when a “sheep” -like thing is hiding. A “shepherd” came in and started looking for him, others helped him with the “hot and cold” principle and clapped.


The game is perfect for Bible stories that cure the blind. The facilitator encouraged the children to imagine themselves blindly and guess. To do this, you need a suitcase that folds different items: watches, apples, matches, glasses, etc. Coincidentally, everyone can search for a bag and guess objects one by one.


The game requires at least 4 people. The players are divided into two teams with approximately the same number. The first task is a word, such as “student”. Then they called a player from the opposing team and told him the hidden word. This player’s job is to use moves to describe the word to his team for guidance. If the player shows a hidden word, his team starts to guess aloud. Example: Do you show school? The player may release, but he cannot speak or speak. If a word is guessed, the team switches roles.


The game requires at least 5 people. Everyone forms a circle and a player comes out. Choose someone who becomes “commander”. It looks like it plays an instrument and repeats all the action. Guess happened, everyone started playing and practicing for “instruction”, guessing should find out who “instructing” was. If he can’t guess less than 3 attempts, he turns into a circle, but “command” appears. If he doesn’t guess twice, he’ll guess again, they’ll pick a new command.


The play is useful for the topic of this lesson: how to follow Jesus. You need at least 5 people and a games room or space in the street, garden, tree. One player was blindfolded. Among the remaining participants, one of them is selected and constitutes the “expected vote”. In the hall (garden, forest) there are many different obstacles. The blindfolded player somehow has to choose between these tasks and everything else gives him advice on how to proceed. The “good voice” always tells the truth, but others cheat and try to make mistakes. The traveler must understand what is the voice of truth and continue to listen.


Load a small piece of paper on the back of each player. Each blindfold is folded. Then give a pencil to each player. The goal of the game is to spread the coin as you try to hide your personality and find out who you are facing. This can be achieved by changing the sound, refusing to speak, changing the motion path in the room, and no one can touch. On the back of all the people he meets, the player has to write who he thinks he is. The game continues until you feel that most players have a chance to write something on each panel.


It’s a mini relay. Two teams with the same number of players receive a pair of rubber gloves, a closed bag and candy for each player. Ask the host to put the first player on each team of gloves, open the bag, remove the candy and unpack it, put poison in your mouth, close the bag, remove the gloves and transfer all items to the next player. The team that does it for the first time wins.


Suitable for people who like to laugh. He had a big bag of bread in his mouth so he could hardly speak. Then he had a text to read. He started reading terms (which made it an unknown script). Another person wrote his understanding behind him and read it aloud to everyone. His text is compared to the original.