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Wearing a hairstyle is more than just walking into a salon and randomly point to a particular style you like, no. Deciding on a hairstyle is something you need to do with careful, deliberate considerations. A lot of persons do not consider this as necessary –finding the hairstyle that best fit their face shape. They just want to rock that new hairstyle the pretty lady on the commercial is flaunting effortlessly. They’re only concerned with how and when they’d be rocking the trending hairstyle. But trust me, your facial consideration is as important as deciding on the style, length, or even the color. There’s nothing more frustrating than scouring through Pinterest, or your favorite celeb’s Instagram page for a perfect hairstyle, only to discover that the end result doesn’t match the picture you printed for your stylist or imagined. A Hairstyle is not just to enhance your beauty only. You can choose hairstyle to cover features you feel should be hidden, and divert the focus somewhere else you want people to notice.

Determining Your Face Shape

Determining Your Face ShapeChoosing a hairstyle randomly without careful consideration of the shape of your face is more like a disservice to yourself. A good number of persons really do not give a thought about it. Funnily enough, figuring out what face shape you have, isn’t all that complicated.

According to Hair experts and Stylist, to determine your face shape, you’ll have to pull your hair back in a headband or ponytail so that the outline of your face is fully exposed, and then analyze what you see before the mirror. Another way you can figure this out is to cup your face with both hands by the side, and gently bring it out to see the shape formed. Tracing the outline of your face onto a mirror works too.

What Hairstyle Suits My Face Shape

Once you’ve determined your face shape, the next thing is to Google search for those –probably celebrities – that have the same face shape and look at the hairstyles they wear. It’s not awkward. It’s fun and inspiring.

So, now you have figured out your face shape, or have a clue about it, let’s analyze the hairstyles that is guaranteed to fit you perfectly so you don’t get disappointed or unsatisfied by your next salon appointment.

Round Face Shape

Round Face ShapeRounded cheeks, with equal length and width, that’s a rounded face. According to expert Stylists, choosing a hairstyle that is also short –right at or above the chin– is a terrible “hair blunder”. As a rounded face person, your hairstyle should create an illusion of length –below the chin to the shoulders. Opt for styles that add subtle add angular layers around the face. Ideally, square haircuts are perfect for those with round face, they create corners and make the face longer. Of course, your contour lining does same too. Both work to add balance. Also, you might want to consider parting your hair down the middle.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face ShapeFor an oval face, the forehead may be slightly wider than the chin and cheekbone –almost equal even– with the face length one and half times the length. Apparently, this face shape work with almost any type of hairstyle. The oval face shape allows you to rock your short hair whether chin length or shoulder length. And if it’s medium hair length you prefer, it comes out just fine. Being a face shape that works for any hairstyle, expert Stylist suggests finding a style that shows off your favorite facial features.

Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Shaped FaceOkay, this is really not difficult to figure out, much easier and simpler than it seems. Diamond shaped face is narrow at the forehead and jawline, with the cheek at the widest. According to experts, Bobs and shoulder length styles are perfect for this face shape. Single short layer with bangs come out lovely also, making the chin appear more pronounced.

Square Face Shape

Square Face ShapeUnsure whether you have a squared-shaped face? Well, if the length and width of your face is the same (i.e. your forehead and your jawlines are roughly equal), then your face is square-shaped. Folks with square-shaped face usually have a heavy jawline, and might not be comfortable with layers that are cut very square-shaped or hairlines that are left too heavy. Layers that are more rounded and textured add some needed softness.

Oblong Shaped Face

An Oblong shaped face is often confused for an oval face, but both are actually different. One distinct feature is the face length. Unlike oval face, an oblong face will have a longer shape, and not as wide as it. The chin tends to be narrower, and the forehead wider compared to an oval face. For folks with this face shape, long hairstyles –below the shoulder– should be totally avoided. Such styles can make the face look longer, and can overshadow the facial features. A short hairstyle (to the shoulder level but not below) that swoops from one or both sides is absolutely perfect because it adds volume to the sides of the face, creating more width balance.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped FaceThe heart-shaped face is usually easier to identify; narrow jawline and chin, with a wider forehead, temple and cheekbones. Normally, Bangs is one hairstyle that compliments this face shape more. However, avoid heavy, short bangs that extend too far into the sides of the forehead. They make the forehead look even wider. In all your getting, go for hairstyles that accentuates your cute cheekbones, styles that reduce the width at the forehead, and add width to the lower areas of your face, giving it a more pronounced and gracious carriage.