10 Best Free Interior Design Tools, Apps And Software

Are you from Bangalore and shifting to a new home? Or are you bored with your traditional home interior? Want to renovate but can’t find the best Interior designer? Are you shifting to your dream home? Then read the full article to know the answer.

Home is made by the mixed thoughts of people living in the house, everyone has different livings and thoughts about every corner of the home. It makes the home interior look more interesting, but forth, we need to hire and look for a planner and skilled designers.

Interior Designers are one of the best interior designers Bangalore you can look for. The teams in Bangalore are expert and professional, they provide the outcome as per the needs of a client and fulfil their dream of having a unique home. Bangalore (a second-largest metropolis city in India) is a centre of the high tech industry and ahead of any other cities in terms of new technologies and development. So, the interior designer companies have jumped to make applications and software as everyone loves to ease their work while sitting at home, from learning to teaching and from buying to selling, everything has become online. We know it’s convenient to use an App where we get all the information whatever the app is about. The usage of smartphones has increased the number of applications installed and it boosts companies to make an application full of features that will increase their customers.

It helps interior home designers seek to know the best company for them without hectic and frustrating themselves.

By what help companies develop software or apps? Is it possible to make the best app for smartphones without any expert? No, either the company itself should be skilled and expert in programming or coding otherwise it’s better to hire the best Interior designer app development companies in the city. They add the best features and tools into the app to ease the work of clients.

Let ‘s talk about the best 10 free Interior design apps

Design a Room – Best Interior Design Tool

Design a RoomI like to start with this app because this is one of the best apps ever. It has features and tools which are not easily available.
Just like much other shopping, you can find the time by uploading the image from your gallery, the same way in this app, click a photo of any existing room interior and upload it now start changing the colour, walls, furniture. You can also try templates too.

Floorplanner – Best Interior Design App

FloorplanningThe typical square-shaped tiles are outdated, the tiles can be of any shape any pattern according to your choice. You can decide your floor online in the apps and the most amazing thing you can opt for a dimension too whether 2D or 3D, isn’t it an amazing tool? It’s fun and interesting about how we can design our home tiles on smartphones. It’s free to use and operate. You can have an idea of how your home will look after which floor design.

Planner 5D – Top Interior Design Tools

Planner 5DIt is one of the best tools among all the home interior design tools. It gives you the freedom to use the template to draw your complete home virtually. You can add all the essentials of the home and even can change their colour, shape, pattern and decide what suits your home more. It works on both platforms, Android and iOS.

Just start planning your home from ground to roof and add whatever you want. It offers a pro version too if you want to add unlimited things. But the free version gives quite all the basic things which we need to design and home.

Sweet Home 3D – Top 3D Interior Design Tools

You have just started interior designing and you don’t have any knowledge or skills about designing then this app is best for you. It’s easy to use, just drag and drop the items such as sofas, windows, entrances or any furniture wherever you want, you can change the pattern, colour or texture of walls or floor.

It provides templates and ready layouts to ease your work, so it’s smart to use those layouts first and then modify according to your preference. It also gives liberty to choose the dimensions 2D or 3D to draw the designs.

Roomeon – Best Interior Design Software

roomeonIt consists of extra features than other above-mentioned tools. With the help of this tool, we can rotate the designed items placed in our layouts.

The best thing about this tool is that it provides a feature of seeing your home at different timing of the day. It gives you an idea that your home interior will look at morning, noon, evening or night. Isn’t it great? Like above last two mentioned apps it also offers a 3D design. The second amazing thing about this app is it lets you add branded objects to your home design.

Room styler – Top Interior Design Software

Room stylerIt consists of many tutorials videos to assist you if you are new to the app. You can choose 2D or 3D just like all other apps. Scratch, drag, drop articles into your design. Change the texture, colour, shape, pattern as you want.

It gives the same feature as Roomeon of dropping branded and real-life furniture, to deliver you an idea of which brand of furniture your home will look good in.

Dream plan

The paid version is for business and the unpaid or free version can be used by starters or individuals. It is ready to design or templates, and later you can edit them according to your interest. Resizing features are also included to get a perfect fit for your home. Rotate and watch your designed home.

Sketch up – Best free Interior Design Tools

sketchupIn childhood, even at every age until we become professional we used to draw first with a pencil and then do it with permanent markers because that will increase the chances of perfection in the work and the same goes for the app and software. It’s fun to draw your dream home on the mobile phone, it’s a rough idea of your future home interior and the Interior Designers Bangalore gets to know how you want to see your home. The software gives every feature to draw your future home for free. Pro version is mostly for architects and professionals. So, just let out your all ideas and put them on the phone, it’s like working on childhood drawing notebooks.

HomebyMe – Free 3D Interior Design Software

HomebyMeDesign a virtual interior of your choice either in 2D or 3D. Planners or businesses allow sharing the interior projects within the app. The amazing thing about it is that it allows you to create a shopping list of all articles that you are going to add to our real home interior.

HomeStyler – Best 3D Interior Design Software

homestylerImagine your choice of colour, pattern, angles, walls and floor and put it on the planner using featured tools.

If no idea is coming into your mind then opt for templates, already embedded layouts and work on them. Add furniture and modify as per your preferences and take advice from Interior Designers Bangalore.

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