Interior Design

As with anything, home decor has trends. There are preferred colors, finishes, and styles that catch on and people will gravitate toward them. However, if you follow the work of professionals, you will see that they use furniture and accessories to get the trending look and keep the basics intact. Blending traditional and timeless designs with contemporary and trendy items gives your home a modern look which is easily updated when the trend fades away. Staying with timeless basics means there are no costly renovations needed when tomorrow’s trend arrives.

Basic Concepts

  • Cabinets

Shaker style kitchen cabinet series is a good example of tradition vs trend. The design of shaker style cabinets was designed by a religious group commonly known as “Shakers” in the 1800s. Their beliefs and bylaws called for members to have very basic furniture. It was built well and of good quality but it was not embellished in any way.  The result was beautiful cabinetry that has withstood the test of time. While these cabinets are offered in white, consider a natural wood grain finish. The warm wood tones to accent your natural theme.

Countertops and Vanity

It is important that you select these items carefully. Going with a “right now”  material could cost you later. Not so long ago, the hottest thing in countertops and vanities was tile. Tile has a wide variety of colors. However, it did not take long for people to dread cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms because of all of the tile. The tile laid horizontally seemed to have miles of grout. This meant crumbs and spills finding its way into hundreds of tiny places that you would have to clean.

Classic marble countertops are beautiful, come in the natural colors that you want and they will never go out of style. If you want a second choice, go with quartz. Quartz is a manufactured material that looks like marble. The lines that are found in natural marble are hard to duplicate but it is close.

You are seeking colors in nature. But, that doesn’t mean just greens and browns. Think of the colors of sand and sea. The blues of the sky and the whitest clouds. Your bold contrasting colors can be the colors of wild roses or hues of rust and copper. Reach further than the greens.


Use natural fabric (like Cotton) for drapes, throws, and throw pillows. Use colors that compliment the natural light in the room.


If you are doing some remodeling and upgrading to the outside of your home, go with brick or stone. If you already have brick, consider bringing it current with a coat of paint. While painted brick is very trending this year, many people love the natural look of brick and stone. This is a personal choice. It is much easier putting the paint on than taking it off, so be sure that is what you want.


The most effective way to impact a room on a small budget is with paint. You are probably expecting to hear us explain what makes the perfect white. Not this year. This year we are diving into shades of nature you rarely see on walls. These warm hues are all about nature. They are trending heavily this year so we do not expect a shift in the air in the near future.

Our designer picks include:

  • Hazelnut
  • Muted pastels
  • Clay
  • Teal
  • Lilac-gray
  • Sand
  • Mossy olive green

Bringing it all together.

Now you are ready to add the pieces that will brand your style. Your furnishings should be a mixture of old and new.

Each room has (or should have) a single focal point. This is the piece that draws the eye and gives your room the “wow” factor. It can be a piece of furniture, a wall hanging, a mirror, or a beautiful window.

Let’s say you are going with the ultra-trendy Luxe Headboard. This is an upholstered headboard of rich fabric. The sophisticated headboard is your focal point. Combining the stylish headboard with a plush and neutral colored bedding set adds to the look. Use your imagination. Place an old-fashion standing mirror in the room, or an antique dressing table or dresser. Finish the room with soft cotton window coverings and you have the perfect trendy yet traditional room. Here are a few more ideas.

Living room furniture is moving to a soft, mushroom-gray, smokey white, or pale steel blue.  This is the perfect base color for any of the earthy tones you select.


Add life to every room with lots of greenery. Plants are beautiful and they can fill in an area that you are not sure of. Plants make people feel better because they emit oxygen. Plants are natural hues of green, brown, deep purples. Flowers will bring a softness to the decor.

Consider a window herb garden for the kitchen. Grow your own fresh herbs for cooking. The plants are pretty and smell nice.

If you want to add to a beautiful window, plant a wildflower garden outside (in front) of the window. The focal point is the window, but the pretty and natural flower garden adds to the look of the room.


We all want a beautiful home. When we let that desire lead us to the world of trends, it can get expensive. Putting quality cabinets, countertops, and flooring in your home that is neutral in color and timeless in design means effortless upgrades in the future. You can always be on the cutting edge of home fashion, and your home will be a beautiful expression of the family that lives there.