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Cloud computing has become the norm for different-sized businesses to host their apps & resources. Selecting the right cloud platform becomes important with more & more businesses opting to move their data to the cloud. It is the kind of decision that determines the operational effectiveness of the business. Select the technology partner who understands the cloud functioning & assists in the simple setup of accounts.

Both big & small business houses are benefiting from the cloud as it allows the development & testing of apps faster. Store business data in a safe way in distant data centers & it is easy to migrate to the cloud with expert assistance. The common operations for which companies are engaging the cloud hosting platform are – sharing of data, emails, file backup, web hosting, e-commerce sites, & databases.

This guest post is having all details related to the types of cloud hosting available for businesses & the best cloud platforms for organizational use.

Different Types of Cloud Hosting Available Today

Streamlining of workflow has become easier with cloud hosting & it cuts down on in-house hardware & personnel! It is also easing the task for remote employees to report their daily work, collaborate online, and access key data. There are different kinds of cloud hosting options available in the market and the business needs to select the one that suits the budget & need.

Public Cloud – 

It is the type of cloud model in which businesses are opting to share information, software, hardware, & OS with all relevant users. Thus it is presenting a shallow cost option and the businesses need to share the cloud space with other businesses. The local businesses & app developers can take advantage of the public cloud & the best available technology at the same time. This kind of cloud service is meant to offer hosting at a low cost.

Private cloud – 

It is meant for businesses looking for separate cloud space. The environment is more secure compared to the public cloud as the business apps & databases are stored on virtual independent layers. In this type of cloud environment, the service outage of a customer’s application will affect the availability of others. Also, the customers can adapt to different security models for stricter access to delicate data. It costs more than a public cloud but provides enhanced security. One of the main features of the private cloud is to customize the business software & it makes the business more appealing.

The Hybrid Cloud – 

It is the type of cloud hosting model emerging out of debates on private & public clouds on cost, usability, & functionality. In this type of cloud environment, businesses are able to enjoy the best of private & public clouds in the atmosphere of coexistence. Businesses should look out for technology partners & vendors to develop a hybrid platform that leverages the best of both systems.

5 Top-Rated Cloud Hosting Platforms for Differently-Sized Organizations

Rank 1 – Sagenext Cloud

Sagenext is the top-ranked cloud hosting provider with all the latest cloud features & guaranteeing 100% success. Cloud hosting is meant for SMBs and also large enterprises looking to expand their operations. It has the necessary experience to host various kinds of apps & websites to assist the business growth. Businesses will experience minimum downtime for any kind of server problem and they have an agile support team available 24/7 for assistance. 

You get the hosting services starting at $33/month and have the best hosting plan as per your business size. The organization has also got different awards like Premium Usability 2019 Awards by Finances Online in the accounting software category and Rising Star 2019. The company is specializing in providing outmatched hosting services, mainly the hosting of varied accounting tools. Host with Sagenext and handle all your business operations from a single platform. They guarantee their clients with advanced infrastructure & advanced infrastructure. 

Rank 2 – Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud is one of the popular cloud hosting options for businesses & it allows the creation of anything from a simple app to complex systems. You should select it if you’re building performance-oriented apps with latency. It is available in 19 different locations & has over 130 network edge locations. The Google products we use are also hosted on the same infrastructure.

Google is ensuring that the customers face less downtime of accounts & also helps to utilize live migrations of virtual machines. Enjoy the pleasures of accessing one of the largest networks in the world. The Google cloud platform is providing services other than cloud hosting like App Engine, DNS, CDN, storage, & other products.

Rank 3 – UpCloud

It is the type of cloud hosting platform that supports safe hosting of business data & apps in a safe location. It is a developer-centric platform that is focusing on making DevOps easy. The platform is supporting the creation of infrastructure with code. The majority of the infrastructure is supported by IaC (Infrastructure as Code) frameworks like Packer, LibCloud, and Terraform. It assures better performance with MaxIOPS.

Some of the other top features of UpCloud cloud hosting include the building of custom OS images to meet the security standards & ensure automation with help of a powerful API. It also ensures private networking between the data centers. Businesses can have physical servers in the data centers and it is perfect for building a hybrid cloud platform.


Rank 4 – Linode

It is the type of cloud hosting platform that is perfect for hosting web apps. Businesses can now host all their apps & blogs on the cloud at a very affordable cost. They take care of everything, starting from migration to cloud to DNS configuration, auto-scaling, cost-effective prices. It is the best alternative to desktop hosting & supports 24/7 technical assistance.

If you’ve used different kinds of hosting platforms & looking for something different this time, then choose Linode for its features like nano-computers, 11 global data centers, S3 compatible object storage, and one-click apps for Drupal & WordPress.

Rank 5 – Kamatera

The cloud hosting platform has the star features of firewall protection, servers, safe storage, load balancer, and more. It is a user-friendly platform & offers over 40 of the popular application & service deployment with a click. The list of apps includes WordPress, NFS, MongoDB, HAProxy, Rancher, OpenVPN, and Mattermost.

The cloud hosting company is having experience of over 20 years in providing cloud services & it is an effective player in the global market. It has 14 data centers across four different continents & its popularity went up due to added values. The cloud hosting service is amazingly scalable & flexible with server configuration.

Final Thoughts!

Cloud hosting is ensuring the saving of IT infrastructure cost for big firms & small businesses. It can be used by all as per the need & the budget. Selecting the best cloud platform is vital to streamline the business operations like financing, payroll, inventory management, and more. Selecting the right kind of hosting platform is paramount to a business’s future standing. Reach out to any of the service providers & host the business apps on the cloud platform. Rest assured of getting the overall assistance from hosting providers to migrate safely to the cloud & manage the accounts.

Author Name: Vishwa Deepak

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