7 Best Browser Games in the World

There are so many games for us to choose from, that sometimes, we are not sure which ones we should go for. Now we can actually play online games on our browsers without any charges. ‘Play wormate.io online at Dimble offers a number of free online games that are fun and pretty exciting.

Below are 7 of the best games that you can play in your browser.


2048 is a sliding block puzzle game that is played by a single player. You can move the tiles with your arrows. The smallest number a tile has is 2, and our target is to reach the number 2048. When two same tiles are joined, they merge by forming the sum of the two numbers. We can only add the tiles with the same number that is why we have to make sure that as we are adding the tiles, the same numbers are formed side by side. The amount of tiles in a puzzle can be changed, and the smaller the number of tiles is, the more careful we will have to be because then the game can end sooner.

Contre Jour

This is a physics-based puzzle game that you can play on the web browser. The world in this game is hauntingly beautiful. We have to guide cycloptic blob Petit towards the exit in each level. We can move Petit by manipulating his surroundings. We can raise or lower the ground to make Petit roll downwards or upwards. We can also take the help of tiny trampolines or springy ropes to help move him in the right direction, so he does not fall off.

A dark room

This is game is very different from other conventional games. This is a role-playing text-based game. The game starts with a blank screen with the text ‘the fire is dead.’ Gradually, other text starts appearing and it informs us of the whole situation and what is going on in our surroundings because there are no visuals in the game. We have to stoke fire in order to keep it burning and stay warm. There is a line on the screen, and as it finishes, it means the fire is out. When we are out of wood, we have to gather it out in the forest. Then, we have to build traps and try to survive. Whatever we want to build, like carts or a hut, we will need wood. We have to constantly check our traps and gather wood. The screen gives us a to-do-list which we have to follow and make our own decisions as well.

10 bullets

10 bullets is an amazing shooting game in which you can try out your shooting skills. You only have to press the spacebar when you want to shoot. What sets this game apart from other shooting games is that you only get 10 bullets from which you have to shoot down the ships. When you shoot a ship, its debris shoots down other ships in its projectile and thus it creates a chain reaction. In this way, you have to plan your shots so you can take down as many ships as possible by causing this chain reaction.

Good Impression

We all know the feeling when our mother decides to visit us unannounced, and we have to clean our room in a hurry. Good Impression is about a similar boy who is trying to clean his room so his mom cannot see that mess. There are empty and half-filled pizza boxes that we have to put in the trash can or the fridge. There is laundry on the floor and dishes that need to be washed. We have a timer, and our objective is to clean the room before the time is up.


Gridland is a puzzle game in which we have to match the tiles that contain resources or weapons. You have a character at the top of the screen that collects the supplies as we match the tiles, and builds buildings. After a certain number of moves, night falls, and our character has to fight monsters and night creatures. At night the tiles also change, and we have to join the matching weapons, which are then provided to the character, and they are used in fighting the enemies.

Jump Doper

You are given an object, and with that, you have to jump over a skipping rope. The rope can cut through your object like a knife on butter. Every time your object is reduced to a smaller size, its chances of jumping over the rope become slimmer. With time you are given upgraded objects. For instance, you will be given a car that will have to do the jumping.

These browser games are incredibly addicting and can be played for free.

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