With stunning themes and outstanding user experience, BigCommerce is constantly growing as an ideal eCommerce platform. If you’re thinking about starting an online store and made peace with BigCommerce as your eCommerce partner, the next step is to wish for a perfect theme. Hence, in this article, we’re covering the 12 best BigCommerce themes, designed and developed by PSDCenter.

  1. SwissWatch
  2. Milano
  3. Artify
  4. La Lingerie
  5. Alpha Retail
  6. Barcelona
  7. GiftCenter
  8. RapidCenter
  9. BlackBeauty
  10. EWorld
  11. Aquatic Venice
  12. Sammot

All of these BigCommerce themes are built on the latest stencil framework, and here are some of the features that you’ll find in them:

  • All the themes are responsive.
  • Carousel to showcase your latest offers, deals, discounts, etc.
  • Promotional banners to highlight offers or new products.
  • Various shortcuts on product cards like Add-to-cart, Product Comparison, and Quick View.
  • The homepage has various sections like; Featured Products, Most Popular Products, New Products.
  • “About Us” section at the bottom of the homepage to let customers know about your company.
  • Display the latest blogs and articles on the homepage.
  • Fetch Instagram feeds directly to your homepage to gain more attraction.
  • Content-rich product pages to help you perform higher on search engines.
  • Multiple tabs in product pages to inform customers about the products in depth.
  • Sections in product pages like; Related Products, and Customers Also Viewed
  • Customer ratings and reviews.
  • Add your Unique Selling Points (USPs) on the homepage.

Every individual theme is designed with a unique approach, so you might not find all the elements in each template. But, these templates are very open to customization. So, you can add any feature to the theme of choice.

Let’s have a look at all the themes.

#1. SwissWatch

SwissWatchSwissWatch is a premium theme to sell fashion accessories like watches, shoes, bags & wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. But, it can be customized and used for grocery, mechanical equipment, and electronics items as well. It comes with various promotional sections like; Featured Products, Most Popular Products, and New Products. In each of these sections, there’s a large promotional banner to showcase a specific product. You can know more about this theme from the link below.

Check Out SwissWatch

#2. Milano

MilanoMilano is one of the PSDCenter’s highest selling themes that you can find on BigCommerce’s official theme store. Highly appreciated by the fashion industry, Milano theme can also be used for grocery, electronics, fitness, vaping, home & furniture industries. Basically, Milano can be used for businesses that have a large catalog of products.

Check Out Milano

#3. Artify

ArtifyArtify has always been an evolving theme. Starting from Blueprint to Stencil, the Artify has been updated many times according to the new updates of BigCommerce. The latest Artify theme is about to be launched in the official BigCommerce theme store very soon with 4 stunning variants – Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry, and Electronics. Designed for the Fashion industry, Artify can be an excellent base template for home appliances, furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, etc.  You can check out the current version of the theme from the link below.

Check out Artify

#4. La Lingerie

La LingerieLa Lingerie is a premium addition to PSDCenter’s stencil theme collection. Stores that sell fashion accessories majorly choose this theme. It’s a superior theme to sell western wear, ethnic wear, lingerie & nightwear, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. If you’re looking for a theme that can showcase a vast catalog of fashion accessories, this is the right theme for you!

Check Out La Lingerie

#5. Alpha Retail

Alpha RetailPSDCenter noticed that online grocery stores highly prefer the Milano theme, but clients requested for a few modifications. After understanding the needs of online grocery stores, Alpha Retail was introduced as a theme that can dedicatedly serve these stores. Now, this theme is one of the most preferred themes in the retail industry. If you’re anywhere close to retailing or grocery, Alpha Retail is the theme for you.

Check Out Alpha Retail

#6. Barcelona

BarcelonaBarcelona is an ideal choice for stores that carry a large set of products. For example, an online fashion store that sells everything related to clothing, accessories, and makeup. As Barcelona is designed to handle large product catalogs, you can categorize your products very immaculately. Barcelona can also be used for an online automobile store with a long list of parts.

Check Out Barcelona

#7. Gift Center

Gift CenterGift Center is designed by keeping small businesses in mind. The theme is mostly preferred by stores that deal with gifts & souvenirs, fashion accessories, electronics items, bakery items, grocery stores, etc. It’s an ideal theme for a small business that deals with low margin products.

Check Out Gift Center

#8. RapidCenter

RapidCenterPSDCenter took a minimal approach while designing RapidCenter. So, if you’re looking a for a minimal theme with all the necessary features, you should definitely check out RapidCenter. As only the necessary elements are used, the theme will load faster and deliver a great user experience.

Check Out RapidCenter

#9. Black Beauty

Black BeautyBlack Beauty theme was specifically designed for jewelry & accessories stores. With a noir background, jewelry products can be displayed with elegance. You can check out the theme from the link below.

Check Out Black Beauty

#10. EWorld

EWorldEWorld is designed to meet the requirements of an online electronics store. You can effectively list thousands of electronics products in this theme. Product comparison is one of the most important factors for any electronics store, so EWorld allows customers to compare four products at a time. Check out the live demo of this theme from the link below.

Check Out EWorld

#11. Aquatic Venice

Aquatic VeniceAquatic Venice is purely dedicated to online fashion & clothing stores with bold promotional banners on the homepage. You can display the latest products or trending categories using these banners to improve the CTR. The theme has additional sections to highlight featured products, popular products, and new arrivals. Know more about Aquatic Venice from the link below.

Check Out Aquatic Venice

#12. Sammot

SammotSammot is a premium addition to PSDCenter’s stencil theme collection for the fashion industry. Sammot can be a great buy for a small fashion store or a boutique with a limited product catalog. Product pages are content-rich so you can add valuable information for customers as well as search engines. Know more about Sammot from the link below:

Check Out Sammot


Choosing the right theme is very crucial for any online store, so have a sharp eye on each of these themes, and pick the most suitable for your business. Of course, these themes are highly customizable so that you can design your dream store with any of these themes.