Benefits of Unity Game Engine

What are the advantages of the Unity game engine, and why do many developers choose this particular engine to create their games? A large number of popular games are written in Unity, for example: Cuphead, Hearthstone, Rust, Firewatch, Inside. There are certain unity pros and cons. And many mobile games are also written in Unity, so why?

Unity is a simple and user-friendly engine

Unity is easy to use, and its interface is often intuitive, allowing you to create 3D and 2D games, as well as make them for the Web, Android and IOS, with just a little code change. It also has a built-in code editor, but you can also install an add-on to Visual Studio for more convenient development on Unity. And if there are problems when writing code, then the engine’s website has good documentation for its libraries, as well as lessons on creating simple games and revealing the engine’s capabilities. It’d actively used with unity game development company.

Unity uses C #

C # is a C-like language that incorporates the best features from C ++ and Java. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to read. But unlike these languages, it is not cross-platform by itself, but thanks to Unity, the code written in C # can be easily compiled for different platforms and works fine there.

You can use it for free

With Unity 5, there is a free version of this engine. It contains all the most important functions of the engine, with the exception of the function of changing the splash screen. The rest of the functions that the Pro or Plus version provides are needed only for large development teams.

Rich Asset Store

Unity has its own asset store as one of the benefits of unity. It’s a place where people post their finished projects that make development easier or improve the game for free or for money. For example, you can download a ready-made joystick for a mobile game or find free 3D models for a person. Also, some Unity developers make money by sharing their work for money.

Constantly improving

Unity has regular bug-fixing updates that add new features, such as Unity 5. This was a global update that added a useful feature like the UI to the game. Then the development of the user interface for the player became very simple, in contrast to the previous GUI, where to draw the interface it was necessary to write in the code its coordinates relative to the user screen.

Due to these basic and many other properties of Unity, many game developers choose it as the engine for creating their games.

The power of assets and community

A powerful plus of Unity is its assets. Everything in the game, including code, pictures, is represented by assets (Asset). Assets can be exported, imported. Thus, third-party developers can make entire blanks for games. All that remains for you is to replace the pictures, correct the scripts – and you can release the game. Again, it’s not that simple, the devil is in the details. Various assets may be incompatible with each other in the literal sense, and may not be suitable in style. But these are already details.

There is a special online store – Unity Asset Store. They sell ready-made assets from third-party developers, such as Anyone can make their own asset and put it up for sale in this store. Some people have made a whole business out of it, thanks to the large market for Unity users. It is also important that the store is accessible directly from the Unity editor. That is, adding new assets is simplified as much as possible. You go to the store, click on the desired asset, and it is immediately downloaded and added to your current project. Fast and convenient.

The next cool thing is the community. It’s huge. If you have a question, most likely, it has already been asked many times, and the same number of times has already been resolved. Search the dedicated forums on StackOverflow. Read the private blogs of people writing games on this engine. Information is just a sea. And if you find a question that you did not find the answer to – ask it on the official Unity forum, and with a high probability you will receive an answer on the same day. This is a huge plus of the engine compared to others. You are not alone, they will always help you.