Air travel is expensive for the first time as well as regular travelers. It is frustrating when traveling on a budget, and then the airfare keeps changing from one search query to the other. However, the search does not have to be overwhelming if you follow the following tips for finding affordable flights. 

Be sure to plan for other aspects of your journey such as way to get around once you reach your preferred destination. For instance, you may need a taxi, bus, a train, or a flight to get from one area to another. Find out the most preferred transport option in that area. In South Bass Island, for example, both locals and tourists prefer Put-in-Bay golf carts over cars. 

Search in incognito mode

Search engines inflate airfare so that you can buy the ticket immediately for fear of paying higher prices. When you search a route repeatedly, you will realize that the fare keeps changing. The same thing happens even if you are using different search engines. So, what do you do?

Use a different location of sale (change it on your browser). If you suspect your current location contributes to hiked fare, use a site that will favor the price. 

You can also search in incognito mode. If you are using Chrome, press the ‘Control’ and ‘shift’ buttons. For internet explorer or Mozilla, press the ‘shift’ and ‘control’ buttons. A new browser tab will open in incognito. It means that the cookies will not be able to track your details. 

Incognito mode will stabilize the flight fare since your location will not influence the airfare (your details will be untraceable). 

Reward travel cards

Sign up for a travel card before your trip. Use it when you make a big purchase and, at every expense, and purchase. 

Some programs reward the members with extra points when they make a travel-related expense. You can use the cards’ points to book accommodation or enjoy free flights if the points are sufficient. 

Consider flight search engines 

Airfare search engines such as Kiwi, Google Flights, SkyScanners, Momondo, JetRadar, etc, gather information on tickets from various websites. They provide information on price prediction, price maps depending on destination, alerts on fare via email, etc. 

When you get a deal on one site, compare it with another site to confirm you are getting the best deal. However, not all search engines provide good deals, others are not reliable so make sure you check their reviews before using them. 

Book connecting flights

Suppose you need to take connecting flights to reach your destination; consider booking the flights separately. However, you must confirm that there are cheap flights from the connecting airplane. Please do the math to ensure that it will be cheaper to book separately. 

In some cases, booking flights in bulk saves some money. If you have a short trip, consider booking a two-way flight instead of two separate flights. Multi-city flights are ideal if you travel to more than two cities where an airline has an established route.  Some airlines offer regional passes or round the world tickets if you want to tour a continent, country, or the world. 

Time of purchase

The airfare depends on the season, route, and sitting space available. Generally, airplanes inflate the airfare as the sitting space reduces. However, the demand determines the airfare. 

There are dates when the airfare for specific routes increases. For you to identify the dates when it is affordable, look through the fare for one month. 


Flight fare are expensive, and can make your trip expensive. However, with a few strategies, you can get the best flights at an affordable flight. You need to be aggressive on the search and patient until you get the best deal.