Tips to Make it Through a Long Haul Flight

Anyone who has ever been on a long haul flight would agree that surviving one is no cake walk. When a desk job that demands 7 to 10 hours begins to take its toll on your back by the end of the day; imagine what getting stuck in a seat, stuffed in a giant metal chamber for hours on end, thousands of feet above the ground would do to your body. It’s not a pretty picture, right?

Qatar Airways carried out its inaugural, almost 18-hour non-stop flight between Doha and Auckland last year. This feat in itself has made it quite evident that air services are only going to get longer which will not be easier on the body. In addition to that, it is not just your physical frame that feels the pangs of a long haul flight but also the mind, which has to survive sitting at a inches’ distance from strangers for hours with absolutely nothing much to do.

But fret not! If you have booked a cheap plane ticket to some place halfway around the world, then here are some tips that will help you arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination.

Save your best clothes for your vacation

When it comes to dressing for a long haul flight, your motto should be “comfort over looks” every time. Stiff or tight clothing is a big “no.” If not exactly pajamas, then put on something that is close to it. A baggy t-shirt, loose-fitting trousers or sweatpants paired with flats or flip flops can help you get through the flight. Layering is a good option as you can adjust according to the changing temperature onboard. Avoid jewelry and useless accessories.

Stretch it out

If researches are to be believed, then anyone traveling on a flight that is longer than four hours faces an acute risk of developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT. But there is a simple way you can avoid the condition and that is by moving a little. You can take a walk up and down the aisle. And if you think that it would get too much attention from your fellow flyers and make things a bit awkward for you, then a stroll to the loo after every couple of hours can do the trick. A mild workout session a while before you board your plane is another good option as it will help you slip right in to sleep the moment you take your seat onboard.

Carry a book

Killing time on a long haul flight can be excruciatingly difficult. Most airlines operating on long haul routes offer in-flight entertainment system loaded with hours of content that is sure to keep you hooked. However, sometimes you may not be in the mood to view a T.V. show or a movie on a screen. So, for those times, it is better to pack a book that you have been longing to read in your carry-on baggage.

Carry earplugs

It can be difficult falling asleep on an airplane, especially when a passenger with a high-pitched voice decides to make a conversation with the flyer sitting next to them. Earplugs can do wonders for you at this time. Just plug them in to your ears to shut everything out and slip in to the realm of sweet dreams. Also, carrying a noise-cancellation headphone can prove to be a fantastic idea as it’ll help you enjoy your favorite movie as you fly to your destination.

Fly with your electronics

We are living in an era where you can stay connected to the world round the clock. And that stands true even when you are soaring thousands of feet above the ground. Several airlines these days offer in-flight Wi-Fi which you can use on your personal devices to chat with friends or catch up on the latest happenings of the world. So, when you are to sit for 8, 10 or even more hours through a flight journey with not much to do, internet access for a small fee can be a savior.

Think about what you consume

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee can render you sleepless. Also, air travel can be dehydrating in itself and these drinks only add to the process of sucking up the water content from your body. Thus, it would be wise to avoid having such drinks onboard. Moreover, you can carry light snacks such as dry fruits, chocolates, fruits and similar items in your carry-on baggage to satiate your mid-meal hungers.

Choose your class wisely

Choosing the right travel class is critical, especially when you are traveling on a long haul flight. Economy Class may serve the purpose when you are not flying too far but when you are on a transatlantic flight, you might want to think about whether a comfy seat is good enough or do you need your own suite with lie-flat bed and state-of-the-art luxuries. Sometimes, splurging on a first class airline ticket can be worth every penny.

Pick a good seat

When it comes to flights, there are good seats and then there are bad ones. For instance, if you want quick access to the loo, you might want an aisle seat. Also, refrain from booking a seat in the front of the plane as that is where you find babies on most international flights. And they are not such great co-passengers with all that uncontrollable crying. Almost all airlines give you the chance to pick your preferred seat with the web check-in option. So, be prompt to pick the best seat.


Everyone has an interesting story to tell; things about where they have been and where they plan to be in the future. And the same applies to the person sitting next to you on the plane. Strike up a conversation with them to learn their story and who knows, you might end up making a new friend by the time you step off the airplane.

So, the next time you book a low cost airline ticket on a dreaded long haul route, use these simple tricks to ease up your journey.