Growing a beard is one thing, but maintaining it is something entirely different. Since we are all well aware of the fact that having a beard is definitely a thing nowadays, wearing your beard with pride in all its bushy glory is the only way to go.

There are many factors that will affect your beard, such as the weather, humidity, the choice of beard products you use, and the way you groom it. You have to know how to groom it properly to make it look as appealing as it possibly can. You need to learn how to control these factors that hold sway over your appearance and you’ll easily do that by following a few simple rules.

Since grooming is of the utmost importance, the way you choose your beard products reflects your maintenance efforts. If you have no idea which products are the best, head to your barber as they should be able to point you in the right direction. With that in mind, here are the five factors that will decide if your beard looks appealing or not.

#1. The Selection of Beard Products

Understand that your facial hair and skin underneath it aren’t the same as your scalp so treating both with the same shampoo you use every day will do more damage than good. Your beard and facial skin need grooming just like the rest of your body. Just like with your hair, you want a beard product that will help keep your hair soft and gentle.

The best thing about applying a beard product is that you can do it in the shower so no need for some extra grooming rituals. It’s important to stay moisturized if you want to have a well-groomed beard. This is where a beard shampoo  by Hilee can be of great help.

This ultra soft beard shampoo is fully enriched with organic apple amino acids that will make your facial hair more controllable and give your beard a healthy appearance while providing relief from any skin irritation due to dead skin cells. It provides shine, vitality, and softness to your beard. Aside from being a shampoo, it’s also a beard softener and moisturizer, giving your beard everything it needs on a daily basis.

#2. Work on Your Grooming Habits

If you want to unlock your beard’s true potential, you need to develop healthy grooming habits. The trick to keeping a well-groomed beard lies in paying attention to details. Maintaining a well-groomed beard is something that requires daily attention. Grooming helps keep your beard amazingly appealing.

Grooming implies regular trimming and the use of beard products such as beard balms, beard oils, beard conditioners and, as we already mentioned, shampoos. A big part of your grooming ritual is applying the beard products that will help you stand out from the crowd. Patience is a virtue so keep shampooing and moisturizing because your facial hair will thank you for it.

Regular washing is absolutely necessary as well as combing as this will help you to achieve consistency in terms of shape. A big part of your grooming is your nutrition so make sure you eat enough vitamins, healthy fats and proteins for the best effect. For more tips on how to look after your beard, check this article out.

#3. Your Head Shape Greatly Matter

Your beard appearance depends on a lot of things but one is important in particular and that’s your head shape. If you have a beard that is in total contrast with your haircut, that might take away from your appearance a lot, no matter how well-groomed and maintained your beard is.

Since, in most cases, your hair is the main factor that dictates the shape of your head, your beard needs to be in line with your hair. The easiest way to do this is by trimming your beard in a way that the sides don’t stick out farther than the side of the hair on your head. You need to make your beard seamlessly blend into your hair.

#4. Beard Style Matters

Thicker beard is good at handling crisper edges. If you like to keep it short and you trim it regularly, then it’s critical how your beard fades. Keep your neck hair shorter than your chin hair to get the full effect.

Look at your beard as a canvas that you’ll use to sculpt your own facial masterpiece. Find a beard style of your own. Some guys like to go natural, others keep it sharp. Going for the full beard look suits most guys. There’s also a style that’s more angular towards the chin but a little bit more narrow on the cheeks.

Check in with your barber for some good advice. Patience is a virtue here and it takes some effort to do it right but shaping your beard matters a lot for your ultimate beard appearance.

#5. General Style

Your beard is a reflection of your personality just like your general style and your haircut. It speaks volumes about the way you are so a perfect beard is what makes you whole. Make it work with your general style, shape your beard by your face but match it with the way you dress and look.

Remember, once you cover your face with hair, it’s hair that now represents you, shapes your face and shapes your appearance. Keep it clean, groomed, maintained, well-shaped and let the world around you know who you really are. If you want to learn more about how to wear your beard, go here to read more.