Night Vision Optics

First of all, you must understand what a night vision device is. It is nothing but a type of the optical devices, which allows the ability to see images in the different levels of the light that approaches to complete darkness. The night vision goggles were first used in World War II, but at the time, it was not in high use. During the Vietnam War, it was mostly used by the military as well as the law enforcement, but now you can find them available for civilians at

There had been regular advancement in the technology of the night vision goggles. And every time you can find enhancement in the performance of this equipment’s. Moreover, nowadays, you can also find some of the cheapest night vision goggles. Now you might be thinking that how can one see even during the low light. So the answer to this is those night goggles picks up the minimal light which exists around the objects and then it amplifies the same. For instance, if during the nighttime moon is seen clearly in the sky, then there are more chances that you can see the object more clearly. Apart from this, there are some other factors too like if there exists any sort of infrared beam which may not be visible with the naked eye.

Even though the night vision goggles were first designed for the military purpose but in the recent times, it is being used for finding the practical applications likes the hunters, boaters, campers, farmers and many others. You will be amazed to know that monocular and binocular are intended to be used while keeping it to your eye. This helps you in getting an effective vision during the nighttime. In addition, you will come across some new models of night optics, which include proximity detectors that help to turn the device on or off on their own. The night vision goggles are usually worn around the head with the help of the strap; sometimes, it has been noticed that the goggles are attached to the helmet.

You must not be having any idea that there are in total of four generations in the night vision optics. And each generation had some extra features in them.

  • The first generation, which is also known as Generation I optics use to make use of the photo cathode tube, and it also, provides good performance at a reasonable cost.
  • The next generation, known as Generation II, adds a micro channel plate. This helped to decrease the image distortion to a large extent and at the same time, increases the light amplification.
  • In the Generation III arsenide was added to the intensifier tube which helps in getting a brighter as well as sharper image.
  • The most recent generation in the world of night vision optics is the Generation IV. They make use of the latest technology in order to provide a low light level performance.

Even though you can find night vision scope of Generation I commercially but the image quality of them is very less compared to the Generation III and Generation IV device. The best thing about the latest generation night vision scope is that they enable a feature called automatic shut off function and also the digital control. This is very much useful when there is a sudden exposure of bright light; this also helps in protecting the vision of the user. You can easily get a pair of the night vision goggles, but before buying them, you need to ensure that your purpose of buying is served.