Top 10 Apps to Strengthen Your Brain Power

Whether it is about focusing at work or performing better at school, boosting brain power has become rather popular these days. However, maintaining such a strong psychological well-being is quite important too. Among the pressing and some far-reaching public health issues, stress and anxiety form the top ranks. Mental changes can easily affect every part of your lives including sense of work, well-being, physical healthy, community involvement and even educational productivity.

As people are more into smartphones and apps nowadays, so these apps will help in promoting mental health through active participation designed for reducing some stress based symptoms and improving psychological functions. The market has some other apps, which will not target the mental health directly but will increasing the cognitive functions.

So, knowing about these Brain Power Apps is vital these days. Let’s check on the best and top 10 ones available these days.


You may not have heard about this app, but it is gaining some popularity nowadays. This app is divided into three gaming sessions to match your goals; attention, solving problem, memory, flexible thinking and processing speed. The games are played against clock and with change with challenge. One session of this game can help in improving mental skills and track the progress report to compare with others.

Personal Zen:

Another interesting brainstorming app is Personal Zen, where players have to follow 2 animated characters. One of them is calm and friendly and another one is angry. They are burrowing through field of rustling grass. This game is designed to reduce anxiety through brain training method, focusing more on positivity and less towards negative marks. A single session is enough to build resilience for several hours.


Another slickest example of brain training app is Peak, which is now available with polished collection of some mini games. These games are covering subjects like language, memory, mental agility and more. It can further help in improving the attention too. There are 30 rounds to play in total with enough variation to stop you from covering daily sessions. It is a free app with plenty of rounds to play and enjoy.


A perfect app for Android and IOS users, Elevate is a strong rival to the above mentioned app Peak. It comprises of the more or less same visuals and simple easily accessible mini-games for testing wits. There are over 30 games here as well, used for testing focus, memory, comprehension, math and other kinds of mental skills. Through this app, you get the chance to track streaks on calendar and tweaking difficulty levels as you become quite adept.

Fit Brains Trainer:

Another interesting and brain warming app or Android and IOS users, Fit Brains Trainer is a modern take to some of the brain training ideas on your mobile devices. There are total 35 games, which are grouped into multiple workout sessions for keeping daily practice from feeling stale. It is designed to test your concentration, memory, skills or other language. Another interesting additional characteristic of this app has to be Emotional Intelligence or EQ. This ability makes this app completely different from the rivals out there.


The most game like option of the service has to be Cognito app with global spying missions and secret agents. There are some brain testing rounds, which will easily help in sharpening the skills to another level. It comprises of all the features of genre like logic, memory, word mini games and even stats tracking on ways to improve skills with passing time. It provides some extra data like sleep and steps from the Apple’s health app for adding some exercising quotient to it.

Brain Trainer Special:

If you are trying to look for apps to employ series of memory based training exercises, Brain Trainer Special is the one for you. It is perfect for increasing memory, focus and even some of the problem solving skills. Developers clearly declare that such intensive workout training mentally through this app will increase attention dramatically with general cognitive skills too. Such services will be benefitted for longer terms.


Happify is what the name suggests; to make your brains happy. Researches have proven that some activities help in building ability to conquer some of the negative thoughts and showing gratitude. It helps in coping up with stress and empathizes. These are some of the essential ingredients, giving rise to happier and fuller life. After using some of the positive psychological fundamentals, which mostly involves in fulfilling lives and focusing towards virtues and strengths, you can easily change your life habits towards betterments.

Positive Activity Jackpot:

This app, namely Positive Activity Jackpot, was first developed for the service members, who are returning from combat with some high risk for the post-traumatic stress disorder. Right now, while looking at the Google Play Store for android app development services, you will find this app ranking high. It uses the augmented reality with the help of your android phone’s GPS for finding some of the nearby activities and some diversions for those, trying to cope up with depression. If you fail to make up your mind on what to do, try playing the jackpot function of this app. This app is based on the behavioral therapy, also known as pleasant event scheduling. It helps to encourage daily scheduled activities, which are enjoyable, and designed to improve moods and also overcome some despondent thoughts.


This app is known to use a technique described as spaced repetition for helping you to memorize anything, right from major phone numbers to some of the interesting facts or words. Eidetic will generally work a lot differently from any of the other brain training apps by just using items, known to have context and meaning like bank account based details, phone numbers, or even new quote, which is worth sharing.

So, without wasting any time further, you can try heading towards these top 10 apps, which will definitely change your mind and make your brain stronger than before as you have asked for.
Priyanka Sharma is a certified mobile app developer by profession who provides android app development services at Mintlogix Ltd. She has vast experience in creative and technical writing. You can follow her on: Twitter