Call Centre

To survive in the neck-to-neck competition, most of the companies are pushing their limits in order to deliver the finest products or services that can surpass the customer’s expectations. Moreover, business owners also want to ensure that customers can place orders comfortably. For the same reason, order taking call centre’s services usually get availed.

Apart from that, order taking call centre in UK have always been known for their ability to take a large volume of orders. But sometimes agents commit some silly mistakes that not only lead to the hassle of order cancellation but also make a dent in business’s reputation.

Do you want to put the brakes on the high rate of order cancellation? Have a look at the following pointers that will make your life easier for sure:

Don’t be dependent on the scripts

To prevent silly mistakes, every order taking call centre in UK provides call scripts to the agents. Scripts always play a major role in retaining all the necessary information and delivering a consistent performance. But the biggest demerit of scripts is that these make agents sound robotic.

Whenever customers place a call to clear all their product-related doubts, they always expect reliable answers from the agent’s end. But when agents sound impersonal during the call, customers are more likely to cancel the orders, which, in turn, leads to a loss of business.

Therefore, it is imperative for the agents to assist the customers in the personal manner. Of course, we are not making any statement that call scripts shouldn’t be used but it is imperative to understand that scripts are given to tackle complex situations.

Avoid asking the same information

Do you know the aspect that can drive the customers up the wall? ‘Asking the same information again and again.’ Every order taking call centre UK maintains customer data perfectly so that agents don’t face any hassle while accessing the common information such as customer’s name, shipping address, etc.

Due to improper training or laziness, agents usually ask the same information that customers have had already provided. This aspect not only affects the CSAT score but also leads to the cancellation of the orders.

Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to ensure that agents don’t make customers to repeat the provided information while collecting order related information.

Don’t start cross-selling and up-selling

To boost the business’s profitability, it is understandable that cross-selling and upselling are very crucial. But it doesn’t mean that agents should start cross-selling or upselling while taking order related information. This is so because this factor may confuse or frustrate the buyers. Consequently, this aspect can lead to the less number of orders.

All in all, it is significant to let the customers place an order firstly. After that, other products should be promoted in a decent manner so as to avoid a loss.

Never lose your calmness

Well, BPO firms always instruct their agents to assist customers perfectly in order to enhance the customer experience. But sometimes customers ask the same product or service related questions over and over to the agents. Because of the same reason, agents oftentimes lose their calmness and start using an angry tone while speaking with customers. Consequently, this factor leads to a heated argument, which, in turn, results in negative reviews and cancellation of orders.
To ensure better results, it is significant for the agents to not lose the patience during the interaction.

Don’t answer carelessly

Nowadays, most of the order taking call centre UK encourage their agents to take some crucial decisions to deal with tough situations. But sometimes agents take this liberty for granted and start giving irrelevant answers to customers. Because of this factor, customer attrition rate usually gets increased and that invites unnecessary problems for the business.
Therefore, it is imperative for the agents to understand that they got the authority of making crucial decisions to enhance the customer experience. Giving inappropriate answers isn’t going to help the business in any way. All in all, agents should consult their seniors to handle any sensitive situation without any sloppiness.