Cable Modem

Television is the ultimate source of news, sports, and entertainment for millions of people across the globe. One can access television entertainment through various modes. Cable TV is one of the most popular medium of television services that offer a wider range of channels and high picture quality.

With the advent of bundles, many people can now get access to a reliable internet connection from their cable provider. You have to look out for the best cable companies in your area. For instance, New York cable companies offer many exciting bundles that help you experience high-quality cable TV and blazing speed internet connection. Cable modems are commonly used to transfer internet data via cable TV lines.

Selecting a Modem
You need to choose a modem that is compatible with your internet network. Most of the internet providers offer a modem. Therefore, if you are not interested in getting your modem, you can go for the rental modems from your service provider. And would not have to worry about maintenance issues.

Where is the cable modem located?

When it comes to a cable system, the cable modems can be located either externally or internally to the computer. They can also be incorporated as a part of the set-top box provided by the cable company. It usually requires a keyboard and a mouse. This set-top box is capable of connecting to the internet.

Components of a Cable Modem

Usually, all the cable modems come with the following components:

  • A tuner
  • A modulator
  • A MAC or Media Access Control
  • A demodulator
  • A microprocessor

The tuner allows you to connect to the cable outlet along with the help of a splitter. The splitter is intended to separate the internet data from the normal cable TV programming. The tuner is responsible for receiving the modulated signal and passing it on to the demodulator.

Sometimes the tuner also contains a diplexer who further aids the tuner to utilize one frequency set for the sake of downstream data. It makes use of another set of frequencies for the upstream traffic. A modulator is mainly responsible for converting the data from the digital computer network into radiofrequency signals.

The MAC is located between the upstream and downstream parts of the cable modem. It mainly performs the function of an interface between the hardware and software of multiple protocols. The type of cable modem involved determines the microprocessor’s task. The CMTS enables driving the traffic coming from a group of customers on one channel towards an internet service provider for an internet connection.  It is advisable that whenever you choose a modem, make sure you get the one that supports fast speed internet and is compatible with your service provider. You must also check the warranty of your modem. To stay safe from any malware, make sure your modem has built-in firewalls. It is also advisable to run security software on your device.