Addictive games

Are we addicted to screens? Estimates say that we are now at an average of 11 hours of screen time per day. Is it too much? Depends on how you spend it. Our work life takes up a lot of time, and schools are relying on computers and apps to teach new skills. Though video game addiction is still a concern for some parents, and for young adults who may struggle with impulse control issues, it’s not the prevalent evil we once thought.

In fact, plenty of research suggests that with a certain level of moderation, video games can actually help the brain grow, by improving problem-solving skills, decision making, even improving your vision! So try not to beat yourself up if you spend a few hours a week playing “unhealthy” video games.

Soooo games are good? Of course! They make great hobbies, and a fantastic way to kill a few minutes on a commute, or a few hours of downtime. But with so many games and game types on offer, how do you find the games you don’t know about? We’ve got a list of great games that have arrived or are arriving in 2019. From multi-platform to mobile, to the best that Steam has to offer, you’re sure to find a game that will give you hours of fantastic gameplay. Just be sure to take breaks!

Super Mario Bros U Deluxe – Switch

Super Mario Bros is always a favorite, and this was one of the original Super Mario Bros. Wii U games back in 2012. The Switch version includes the original game, the new Super Luigi U expansion, and all new characters. It even comes with helpful features for the less experienced gamers! You can pass it back and forth on a single Joy-Con, and play with your friends, or alone, without any extra controllers! The real kicker comes from playing it with several Joy-Cons though, and fighting others online.

Kingdom Hearts III – PS4 or Xbox One

Like Super Mario Bros, Kingdom Hearts has become a beloved franchise over the years. Fans of Sora and his adventures will love seeing the story reach a real climactic moment, with all the action and adventure you expect from the series. And Disney fans will enjoy the returning characters, like Donald and Goofy, and the new Disney characters coming to Sora’s aid. There’s even a storyline with Elsa from frozen!

Metro Exodus – PS4, Xbox One, PC

I don’t know about you, but I love a good post-apocalypse story! This is the Metro Exodus story’s third installment, and the great graphics and exciting strategy gameplay embedded in this shooter game puts it a cut above the rest. It’s just been released in February and is all set to give you hours of challenging gameplay, with plenty of new objectives and choices on how to follow the story!

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – PS4 Xbox One, PC

Tom Clancy’s third-person shooter is moving from NYC to Washington DC and creating an even more exciting experience that goes on 7 months from its predecessor. The gameplay, the graphics, and the storyline all point to the fact that Massive Entertainment has really worked on implementing feedback from the first Division game. It’s available cross-platform, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so no matter how you play, you can check it out.

MarioKart Tour – Mobile

The news is out that Nintendo plans to release a MarioKart for mobile this year! No word on what it will mean, or the tracks you’ll engage in, but given the success of MarioKart, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to assume this is going to be one of the most addictive games of the year! I better block out all my weekends and tell my friends goodbye.

Twin Mirror – PS4, Xbox One, PC

I love a mystery game with some style, and a great story and this definitely has it. You’re Sam, a 33-year-old dealing with a breakup, who’s just woken up in bloody clothes, with no memory of his whereabouts from the previous night. You have to piece through your own memories and repair your relationships with the locals to sort through what happened in this great mystery game. A fantastically addictive story I know you’re going to love.

Kingdom: 2 Crowns

If you’re a fan of the original Kingdom for PC, you’re going to love the sequel Kingdom: 2 Crowns. You can play both single player and cooperative game modes, and choose your playing style, whether it be exploratory and expanding. It’s a great real-time strategy game with RPG elements that will keep you busy for days at a time!

Persona 5 – PS4

If you’re an RPG fan, Persona’s probably the best one out there. With gorgeous cut scenes, and set in a modern-day Japan, rather than a fantasy setting, Persona5 is a stylistic adventure with a beautiful story that PS4 users love. It’s not cross-platform, but really, that just adds to the sense of exclusivity, doesn’t it?

Surviving Mars – Steam

Think of it like Sims City meets The Martian. You build yourself an outpost on a patch of Mars and have to keep it running. It’s excellent for casual gameplay, but like most simulation games, it gets even more immersive, until you can find yourself playing for hours! Early reviews suggest the interface takes some getting used to, but the survivalist approach to a city building simulator is sure to be addictive!

Descenders – Steam

This one is a bit of a surprise. Descenders is another game that lends itself to both casual gameplay, and, depending on your personal preferences, a really addictive setup. You’re a downhill free-rider, running generated tracks, meaning you don’t get the opportunity to master the courses themselves. It’s a bit like Tony Hawk games, or SSX. You’ll love learning the bike’s mechanics, but it plays like a mobile game, meaning you can play in quick bursts, and continue to progress to new exciting tracks over time!

Video games aren’t exactly necessary. And though there is some worry about addiction, there is also plenty of data that points to video games as a force for good. Moderating your video game time is a great way to ensure you have the best of both worlds. You can embrace gaming as a hobby, without putting yourself in any unhealthy situations. Check out these games for a genuinely immersive experience.