At times situation arises when you need to tell someone valuable in formations but you don’t have much time to talk to that person or you know that person may be disturbed by your call as he is sleeping or in a situation from where he cannot receive the call. The good news is almost 20 years after inventing the voicemail service technology has finally upgraded to a platform from where you can leave a voicemail without ringing the phone of the recipient. This technology is surely a help not only for individuals but also for company representatives who want to convey their own message without being interrupted as it can avoid the conventional mode of communications. Moreover, the service is legally accepted in all state, and even recommended for marketing.

Usually we had to wait for the users to no pick up the call and if they did not, then only we were able to send the voicemail. In this case of ringless voicemails, what really happens is that a recorded voice message is delivered directly to the voicemail server instead of going to the recipient’s number first. The phone does not ring at all because the traditional voicemail route is avoided here. The recipient may just get a beep or flash message notification showing that they have received a voicemail.

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As the message is first delivered to a voicemail server, ringless voicemail can only targets the mobile phone numbers and cannot be delivered to the landline numbers. Just like a regular voicemail, ringless voicemail has no limitation to the length of the message that you can send.


  • The best benefit of the ringless voicemail is that it allows the recipient user to listen to the message when they find the time for it. The recipient is not forced to receive this message when they are busy with other important work. A notification will be left behind saying a voice mail is received, and since the phone does not ring, they will not be disturbed during their busy schedule.
  • Unlike other direct marketing services, this service is smart and can save time. If you have list of phone numbers and your message is ready, you will not need much tome to send your message to all the numbers.
  • It is a very smart and economic option for quality marketing. If your message id good enough you can earn a solid feedback from this service by paying very less time and money.
  • One will only be charged for sending a ringless voicemail when it is successfully dropped to the recipient’s phone number. If the voicemail is not delivered properly there will be no charge.


Though the service has much positive sides, it has some limitations too. When one is using it for marketing purpose it is best to have a fair knowledge of both the benefits and its limitations.

  • Being a server-to-server engagement ringless voicemail technology can only work on cell phone numbers and not landline. So when have list of phone numbers given to you for marketing purpose, at first make the lists of two sets of number: landline or cell phone number. It will help you to do your work smoothly without harassment.
  • Sometimes if the recipient’s number is not properly conjured with ringless voicemail, your message will not be delivered. In that case you have to call them.

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Here is the basic knowledge of the ringless voicemail service. One will get more acquainted with it when he/she actually starts using it. This is the trick to technology, the more you use it the more you know it.