AC Compressor

As the car engine moves, it easily heats up due to all the friction from the rotations. When this happens, the cabin also becomes hot. It can even get worse if you are not careful enough to find the problem. But this does not happen because the car is made with the air conditioner compressor.

This is the heart of the cooling system for your car. It will not heat up, even on the hottest day as long as you have the cooling system in check.

Why is the compressor so important?

The AC compressor is one of the most misdiagnosed car parts ever. You will find someone picking it out as having a problem when it is working perfectly. The time it is said to be having a problem is the same time you might realize it has not problem.

In most cases, people don’t really realize the importance of this part. In fact, there are some who don’t even know the air conditioner exists in their cars. But wait until you are stuck in the traffic on a hot afternoon. You have emptied all the water bottles but it only get hotter and the traffic gets worse. You will feel as though you are on fire, especially if the vehicle is painted black.

That is when you realize the air conditioner is not even working. Everyone has been in such a situation when you just want to get out of this oven desperately. If your AC compressor is working well, this is the right time to turn it on. It helps you by cooling the air moving inside your car cabin. It is one of the key components of your car cooling system you cannot afford to miss on. You will not feel the cool breeze inside the car if it is not working well.

Most motorists ignore the air conditioner. It might be because they have never found themselves in a situation when the inside of their car is too hot or too cold. It is important that you check this part from time to time to avoid an awkward situation.

The compressor consists of several parts, including:

  • Compressor housing -The outer casing that encloses the internal components of the compressor.
  • Pulley – The part that connects the compressor to the engine via a belt and helps drive the compressor.
  • Clutch – Mechanism that engages and disengages the compressor pulley from the engine, allowing the compressor to turn on and off as needed.
  • Shaft seal – A seal that prevents refrigerant gas from leaking out of the compressor.
  • Compressor piston – A part that moves up and down inside the compressor, compressing refrigerant gas.
  • Connecting rods – Components that connect the compressor piston to the crankshaft, transmitting power to the compressor.
  • Bearings – Components that support the rotating parts of the compressor, reducing friction and wear.
  • Reed valves – Valves that allow refrigerant gas to flow into and out of the compressor.
  • Pressure relief valve – Safety valve that releases pressure from the compressor if it becomes too high.

When does it say you need to replace?

There are several indicators that will tell you there is a problem with your AC conditioner. We have discussed some of them below.

When there is a significant increase in the cabin temperature: This will be the first sign of a problem in your conditioner. The cabin simply gets hotter and hotter. You try out different moves to improve the situation, but it only gets worse. It fails to regulate the refrigerants which results in the conditioner not working properly. Before you leave your house, try putting on the air conditioner and see if there will be any different in the air inside the vehicle. If you have been parking on the sun, it might be the right time to check it out instead of waiting until you are stuck in the traffic.

You will hear loud noises from the compressor: Try turning on the AC compressor and listen to sound it produces. If you are a regular user, you will realize the difference in the sound. A loud noise when you switch in the compressor is an indication that the part is failing and needs replacement. A compressor has other spare parts just like any other accessories driven by a belt. When any of these accessories fail, it will start making the noises.

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There is so much complexity in the way compressor parts are connected. That is why it is recommended that you replace the whole part instead of one accessory. You may find only one part broken, but chances are very high that it will have affected other parts as well. The only best way to avoid spending unnecessarily on single parts is to replace the whole. Besides, old accessories will quickly ear out the new ones.