Air Conditioner

Air conditioners these days are made to be extremely effective while being quieter than ever. And this is how it should always be. Modern high-efficiency AC units use sound-dampening technology along with two-stage (variable speed) compressors. This significantly lowers the noise up to and below 55 decibels. But if you still hear strange noises coming from you AC, it is time you pay attention. Any strange noise in AC means it either needs to be repaired or replaced.

The sooner the noise coming from AC is identified, the better it is for the AC because it could mean anything from a heavy repair to replacing the entire unit altogether. If the fault is beyond repair or has proved ineffective, consider replacing your old AC. New air-conditioners in the market are more power efficient, quieter and come with loads of features.

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To understand why your air-conditioner has become noisy, it is important to know where the noise is coming from and what kind of noise is it producing.

1. A worn out compressor
The compressor of a window AC or split AC does make some noise, but if the noise is louder than usual, then it’s likely that it is worn out and needs repair.

2. Faulty fan motor
A worn out dual shaft fan motor can also make your air conditioner noisy. Years of work can break down the lubrication of the bearings in the fan, thus making it noisy. Also, since fan motors are normally not repairable, you will probably need to buy a new one to keep your AC running.

3. Faulty motor bearings or belt
If screeching sounds are coming from the AC, there are chances of a bad belt or faulty motor bearings. This is a persisting kind of sound and can even shut your AC down, if not checked on time. In this case, you should consider purchasing a new air conditioner.

4. Faulty fan
If there is a rattling or loud humming noise coming from the AC, the chances are that the fan has come loose or needs cleaning. So, remove the fan from the air-conditioner and clean the blades. It is also possible some debris may have fallen inside the unit, thus leading to a noisy AC as the fan blades rotate.

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