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There’s nothing as luxurious as central air in the summertime. While it can cool your home with the press of a button, your air conditioning isn’t magic. As you take advantage of the comfort and convenience of your air conditioner, make sure you care for the unit, as well. Have it looked at by a professional each year, keep it clean, and protect it so that it will continue making your summers bearable.

Check Your Air Filter Every Month

A clogged, dirty air filter is the fastest way to make your air-conditioning unit spring a leak. The evaporator coils get icy if the filter is dirty, and as the ice melts, it overflows the drain pan. Change the filter at least twice a year: once before the hot season and once before the cold season. You may need to change it more often if you live in a dusty climate.

Inspect the Unit in Spring

Before you start running your air conditioner full-time during the sweltering summer months, you need to check it over. After the spring thaw, as the weather warms up, check the unit for leaks. Make sure there are no crimps, holes, or clogs in the condensate line. Take a look at the filter, as well. You also need to examine the drain pan for any cracks.

Inspecting the unit before using it again lets you keep an eye on its overall performance. Although central air units last longer than window air conditioners, they do age and wear out over time. It’s better to know that you need to replace your unit before the temperatures hit triple digits. Every year or two, it’s a good idea to have a trained HVAC tech perform maintenance on your air-conditioning unit. Each time the tech comes out, request an estimate of your unit’s lifespan.

Keep It Covered

You need to take care of your air-conditioning unit during the off-season, too. Each season, after switching off the air conditioner for the last time, go outside and cover it. You can buy a cover that will fit your particular unit from most home improvement stores, as well as Amazon and other internet shops. It’s essential that you protect the unit during the winter. The last thing you want to deal with is damage caused by piles of snow and ice.

Size It Right

Is your air conditioner unit large enough to cool down your entire home? How does each room feel when it’s running? Your upstairs rooms should feel as cold as the rooms downstairs. If there are spaces in your home that are still uncomfortable in spite of the central air, then you have a problem. You might need a more powerful unit. That’s also something your HVAC tech can discuss with you during the annual maintenance checkup.

Having central air is an easy and convenient way to cool down your home, but taking care of it isn’t as effortless. Familiarize yourself with quick fixes, routine maintenance, and the signs of wear and tear.