Dota 2

Everytime a human starts doing something new, he needs time to adjust and know some main mechanics. It works the same way for everything. Dota 2 isn’t an exception.

Dota 2 seems to be a fairly simple game when looking from the outside. The Dota 2 teams must actually have a huge range of different abilities and do a lot of jobs if they want to become a master. It’s important to make it simpler at the start of your journey: try to grasp what precisely you can change in advance to achieve results instead of constantly making the same mistakes. That’s why we gathered for you five easy tips for absolute beginners.

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Dota 2 warding spots

Warding is a huge part of the gameplay for the supporting player. Why are the wards needed? Observer Wards can be used to provide vision over the field, or to block spawning neutral camps. Sentry Wards may also be used to block camps but they are mostly used to destroy enemy Observer Wards and reveal invisible heroes or units.

At first, try to use the preliminary view to show you the warding area before positioning it. This will give you a sense of how successful the ward will be. This role became some sort of a Valve warding guide, as it shows the REAL impact that every point can have.

Enemy items check

Not every Dota 2 player knows that after a hero buys a specific item or sets and changes the map balance to his or her side, the game will change. She is much stronger, for example, after Luna gets Butterfly than carries other physical damage. Adding the Black King Bar helps her to win every fight before opponents create the Monkey King Bar to make the balance fair. Make sure to check the items before attacking sometimes it can be really crucial.

Runes and how to use them

You must know that runes are incredibly useful tools from Dota 2 which can provide a huge advantage for your squad.

In order to fill the bottle any power-up rune can have a major effect on particular heroes in battles. Bounty runes will provide more gold for the team , especially in late stages of the game. Try reviewing the Dota 2 hero guides to see which runs to use in different circumstances

Plan your item builds 

Planning is super important in any point of life, so we’ll go with a quick example on this one. Imagine, you’re planning to buy Aether Lens, consider starting with the Energy Booster, complete Arcane Boots and supply the additional mana to your team. This would be perfect for both methods of moving and of planting. Then, simply disassemble your boots and use the same Energy Booster to create a new piece.

Pick the right time to fight 

Sounds cliche, but when you think about it it’s quite logical. After purchasing Butterfly from your carry team, you clearly don’t have the right to start farming and not do something. This item gives considerable advantage so you can force team battles, take Roshan or break structures. If you’re not going to do that, otherwise your opponents can buy Monkey King Plate, otherwise finish you.

At the same time, Butterfly becomes for them, when speaking of Anti-Mage or Luna, a huge farm boost. Therefore, even before the enemy builds MKB, they can use it to buy an additional object, and get more value.