Seasonal Eating: 4 Winter Recipes That Are Good For Your Health & The Environment

There are so many reasons to eat a seasonal diet. Not only does it encourage you and your family to enjoy different foods, but the seasonal produce will have so much more nutritional value to keep you all fighting fit for the cold weather.

In season fruits and vegetables are packed with flavour (which is why the best chefs are such big advocates of seasonal menus in restaurants). And with wonderful flavour also comes countless health benefits.

Seasonal produce doesn’t clock up the same miles as out of season food either, making it a sustainable and ethical choice. And there’s the field to fork freshness that you simply can’t compete with! Plus, with the added cost savings at the supermarket, shopping seasonal just makes a lot of sense. If you’re new to seasonal cooking, here are 4 fantastic recipes to inspire you.

Recipe 1: Leek & Potato Pie 

If you’re a fan of leek and potato soup, then leek and potato pie will have you drooling. Leeks are great to eat throughout the winter season and potatoes are really at their best in November time. This is a superb recipe to make in advance and goes well with spring greens or kale on the side (both in season at this time of year).

> Leek and potato pie recipe

Recipe 2: Brussel Sprouts, Turkey & Rice Casserole 

There’s so much room for creativity with December’s top produce and often people forget how versatile turkey is. Brussel sprouts can also be used in many different recipes, so you don’t have to wait until Christmas Day for a taste of this festive vegetable.

A great way to use turkey and sprouts in a healthy way is in a casserole with rice or quinoa. This is filling comfort food that will bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

> Brussel Sprouts, Turkey & Rice Casserole recipe

Recipe 3: Spaghetti Alla Vongole 

A fresh seafood pasta may seem like the sort of dish to enjoy by the Italian Lakes in the summer, but it’s actually a superb winter dish. Pasta is wonderfully comforting during the cold season and clams, cockles and mussels taste best at this time of year.

The dish Spaghetti Alla Vongole is also extremely easy to make. The right balance of flavours and seasoning makes it a simple yet sophisticated choice for dinner parties. Or for introducing your family to seafood for the first time.

Recipe 4: Venison & Blood Orange Salad

For anyone still on their new year diet in February, this delicious salad recipe makes a fab meal to help you stick with your diet resolutions. It’s low fat, high protein and packed full of nutrients. It also uses up some of the best seasonal ingredients. Blood oranges are extremely tasty and healthy at this time of year, and this dish adds the excitement of sweet and savoury.

This will be loved by kids just as much as the grown-ups and is a lunch or dinner option for the family.