5 Ways Construction Has Changed in the Past Decade

If you think construction industry tech has come only as far as power tools and big machinery, you probably aren’t up with the times. Only a few decades ago, plans were still being drawn by hand and placed in filing cabinets, and construction workers huddled at a site to communicate about a project. But over the last decade, construction has changed in the following five ways.

A Move to Digitized Planning

As with other industries, construction is moving toward paperless operations. When possible, every item related to a project is in digital form, from building plans to safety inspections. The digital nature of record keeping allows everyone involved with a project to have instant access to updated records, a move which helps projects move forward without delays.

Digital planning also allows companies to keep much more detailed records without the need for expensive physical space.

The Use of Building Information Modeling

Another advantage to digital plans is that they can be rendered in three dimensions, which allows the designer, client, and crew to communicate much more clearly about all aspects of a project. The painstaking work of building physical models to display in an architect’s office has been replaced with virtual models that every member of a team can access on a screen no matter where the individuals may be.

Virtual modeling helps speed up building progress, control costs, and improve decision making.

Applications of Construction Management Software

Even smaller companies are now using digital programs to manage their businesses. Whether it’s a turnkey package or a customized system, construction management software improves the efficiency of almost every aspect of a construction business.

These programs facilitate planning and communication, improve budgeting and billing, and help companies manage their timelines and collaborations. Some cities have systems that will integrate with a company’s software to automate permitting and inspection procedures.

Innovations in Construction Equipment

Of course, innovations have taken place in the tools and equipment of the construction trade over the last 10 years as well. For almost every task a crew will face at a construction site, a tool or piece of construction machinery exists that a company can rent to ease the work. Industry equipment is constantly being improved to work with more precision, more safety, and more versatility than before.

Reliance on the Internet From Hiring to Bidding

These days, customers are finding companies to work on their projects through websites that offer reviews and bidding features that allow customers to easily find the right construction company for their projects.

Large contracts are still going through a bidding process, but those forms are more likely to be online than on paper. Hiring is another aspect of business that is nearly always done online now.

The construction industry has come a long way in the last decade. Digital planning, building information modeling, improved tools and equipment, and the internet have had a profound impact. Imagine what changes the next 10 years will bring in this rapidly advancing industry.